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REVIEW: 12 Monkeys 1×09 “Tomorrow”

What is the line between selflessness and selfishness? At what point do the ends justify the means and are all of the sacrifices made worthwhile? Those are just a couple of the questions posed to the audience in “Tomorrow” and the closer we get to answering them, the closer we come to seeing who are characters really are. By the end of this episode there are clear lines in the sand, clear choices that are made that define weather our heroes are truly on a mission for the greater good, or whether they are only in this fight for their own desires. What helps to make this episode really as powerful as it is, is the fact that we change up the focus of the series in a lot of different ways whether it be Ramse confronting Cole, finding out more information about Jones, or simply seeing how the world has collapsed since the plague. There was a lot of really strong material this week so let’s dig into it.

The big question I am left wondering at the end of this week is whether or not Project Splinter truly are the good guys in the end based upon all of the events that took place. I mean Jones and her team basically murdered all of Spearhead on the hopes that their plan would have a better result than Foster simply finding a cure. However, as we found out there is indeed a possibility of a cure and more to the point Jones has known that this was an achievable goal for a very long time. It’s just that a cure is never going to bring back all of the loved ones she has lost and unlike Foster she is unable to move on from the death of her family. She is willing to lie to everyone on her team no matter the cost as long as it means that she can find the impetus that will bring her daughter back. This easily makes Jones more dangerous than the virus or the Army of the 12 Monkeys could ever become as she is also willing to wipe out all of existence just to be reunited with her daughter.

Speaking of a clear and present danger Cole is now very much aligned with the cultish Jones in a way we had not seen before. Up until this point we had known Cassie’s death to be a fixed point in time and that if anything were to happen to it the timeline could become irreparably damaged. Cole, in basically the same way as Jones, has committed himself to making sure Cassie doesn’t die and that means he is willing to sacrifice millions if not billions of lives for the sake of one person. The Cole we met in the pilot has changed drastically for the better since first meeting Cassie, but it also appears he has crossed the line Jones told him never to do and now that he has become so attached to Cassie there is no telling to what lengths he will go to in order to save her/ possibly doom everyone else.

As for Cole being in the post plague world it was great for him to actually see the real effects the height of the plague had. I mean all of the riots and quarantine zones were exceptionally well captured and drew some nice distinctions from the barren wastelands we see in 2043. More so it showed us that no matter how hard Cole tries Cassie’s death is a fixed point right now and it needs to happen in order for any of our current events to take place. Assuming at some point Cole is able to rewrite the past we have no idea ho much it will change the future, but we can assume it will have some sort of similar effect as the last time Cassie died out of place, and that made everything go wrong. I do hope we get to see more of the timeframe between 2017 and 2041 as having Cole interact with that environment sans Cassie opens up a huge realm of possibilities.

The other big character moment to come out of this entire affair is Ramse becoming full on protective of his son in the same way Cole is of Cassie or Jones of her daughter. Ramse realizes now that if Cole undoes the league none of this will ever happen and he may never have a happily ever after. We have often see Ramse be the focused character of the team and this week it was surprising to see just how much everyone didn’t care about Ramse’s objections to the plans or the simple fact that Splinter completely murdered Spearhead with seemingly no remorse at all. Ramse understands that just like the West Seven, Splinter is a seriously disturbed group now and is quickly loosing trust in their mission and their team. I can easily see a lot of parallels between West Seven Cole and Splinter Cole forming and I don’t think Ramse is going to be able to “save his soul” this time.

Overall it was the best episode of the season and I cant wait to see how all the dominoes fall.

Final Grade A

+Spearhead getting slaughtered

+Cassie’s fixed point of death

+Ramse seeing the flaws

+Seeing 2017

+Cole becoming more like West Seven Cole

+The cure reveal

Extra Thoughts

-“You don’t want to be Donovan, Cole”

-That gunshot really did come out of nowhere, and the filming of the slaughter was a thing of beauty.

-I did not realize till this week but they are using a lot of the US version of Being Human side character actors, I have at least three I think at this point.

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