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REVIEW: 12 Monkeys 1×10 “Divine Move”

The worst enemies in life are always the ones we never expect and they always manage to hurt us the most. That is what this week’s 12 Monkeys, “Divine Move” manage to teach us as an audience now that we learned nearly everyone we had learned to trust and believe has given into their inner darkness in on form or another. Ramse, Jones, Aaron, and all of our supposed allies are creeping ever so close to crossing that impossible line and shading their fortunes in the black. However they do mange to raise the question, what are we willing to sacrifice ignored to save what we love most? Would we kill the world for the sake of one person? Would we ignore the consequences if we did not believe they would matter at all? The show is attempting to raise the questions and show us all of the complex sides of the argument and you can’t really argue with how they are going about it.

So Ramse has become the villain we never wanted, a tarnished hero and brother in arms corrupted by loss and fighting to protect the only thing worthwhile he has left. Watching Ramse descend into darkness was the perfect mix of sadness and pain that just managed to tug at my heartstrings. It like watching a good friend make a very bad decision for all the right reasons, you can reason it in your head and can see why they want to do it, but at the end of the day you know it is all bad news. Ramse has finally found something good in his life, something he is willing to fight for same as Jones or Cole, it just happens that in order for him to achieve happiness he has to make sure the rest of the world suffers. That is hard core considering the fact that took a supposed one way ticket to 1987, I mean Ramse will never get to see the one thing he is fighting for ever again and that has to destroy him on some level.

Similarly you have Aaron in the past who has basically moved all around the board this season and seems to now be leaning towards team plague in order to keep Cassie alive ironically. Aaron, just like Ramse knows the price of what he is considering and what it would mean for not only himself but his future relationship with Cassie, and yet you can’t entirely fault him for considering the offer. Aaron is just like the doctor who was kidnapped to create the plague, he is fighting with all of his soul to keep the one thing he cares about safe. He doesn’t care that she is already doomed as long as he can have a few more seconds with Cassie, and that is touching in a sad sick and twisted way.

Despite all the soul darkening angst that occurred there were some spectacular scenes bristling with sharp dialogue with my favorites being between unexpected characters. I loved the scenes between Jones and Whitley and how they still believed that even if they somehow manage to succeed there will be some sort of punishment for them all. After last week I questioned just how tainted Project Splinter was due to the mass killing of Spearhead and I am so happy that those actions have lead to actual emotional ramifications. Considering how steadfast Whitley has been to the cause, it is great to actually see all of the dark and horrible shit he has done taking a tole on him. Whitley cares for Ramse in much the same way Cole does and that makes the orders that Jones gives him all the more painful. Jones being able to continually compromise herself in the pursuit of bringing back her daughter shows just how removed from her own humanity she is and that really helps to seal not only these scenes but the episode as well.

The best scene for me personally though was the reveal and subsequent conversation between future Jennifer and Ramse as it allowed for so much territory to be explored. I mean this is the first person that both Ramse and Cole have interacted with who is from the past and both had entirely different interactions. What makes Ramse and Jennifer’s conversation stand out so much is that Jennifer was actually making sense for the most part. She knows for the most part how this will all play out and the roles that they all have to play, she even led Ramse in her own way to taking the serum and jumping back in time. The question becomes who is future Jennifer working for: herself, the Army of The 12 Monkeys, The Witness. There are so many different possibilities that this story could play out as and I can’t wait for the possible conversation between Cole and future Jennifer, that will be super intense and interesting to watch play out.

Overall another extremely strong outing for the show, consider me excited.

Final Grade A-

+Ramse making his move

+Amazing moments for so many characters

+Future Jennifer

+The tension the show builds

-Max’s death felt cheap

Extra Thoughts

-So if Ramse has a one way ticket and has The Pallid Man’s necklace what are the odds he becomes The Pallid Man.

-Everything about Cassie this week was spot on, I actually enjoyed how hopeless her situation seemed.

-Cole was surprisingly sidelined for the big finale. I understand it for plot reasons but I am still sad about that fact.

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