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REVIEW: Powers 1×03 “Mickey Rooney Cries No More”

I think I have finally just accepted it, the fact that this series is never going to look ridiculously flashy or expensive, that certain aspects are just going to be messy, and you know what as long as it all pays off i’m cool with it. The clearest example of this to date is “Mickey Rooney Cries No More” there are so many different problems within this episode that manage to stick out, and yet, it is still an ok episode for the most part. The Idea behind all of our big characters finally meeting in one spot and seeing their conflict implode is a great way to reset the clock and build up who these characters truly are. Whether it be Johnny, Walker, or Retro Girl, each one manages to get a solid moment in the episode that helps to expand their character in some fashion and create a solid story.

So I am just going to say it, Johnny is the most interesting character in this entire show at the moment. Although his plan has not been fully revealed I love all of the different aspects f his character whether it be his tragic backstory, the way he generally is the smartest man in the room, or his whole pied piper feel. All of the scenes which Johnny had in this episode managed to at least add something to the plot and make him more and more fascinating on the whole. I especially loved his last couple of scenes where he spoke with Calista about when he first got his powers and the final argument over who Calista would leave with. Despite Johnny having all of the power in those scenarios and knowing how they would most likely end, Johnny did not exude his will on Calista and gave her the choice or illusion of choice of whether or not to follow him. Right now Walker and Retro Girl lack all of the power and I am actually enjoying watching the hero struggle.

Unfortunately where Johnny manages to succeed the rest of our characters manage to stumble and screw up. I am getting sick and tired of watching Walker and Pilgrim fuel around and unfortunately the club was just another example as not only did they fail to bring Calista is, but they made themselves look like fools. If we are supposed to be led to believe that our heroes are indeed competent cops then they should at least be able to succeed every once in a while. If they don’t stop screwing up I am just going to assume I should be rooting for Wolfe and Johnny, who are already the most enjoyable character on the show. On the flip side if our cops are truly as incompetent as they are portrayed than Triphammer’s experiment may indeed be vital in order to stop our villains. I will say that the power nullifier is a solid idea and better than having to create a containment cell for each criminal, I just hope that there is a practical outside of the prison use for it.

The only real storyline that still manages to annoy me is that of Calista, who I know we are supposed to care about but she just comes off as insignificant. I mean Retro Girl tries to teach her what real power is but in reality Calista is just a pawn in a much bigger game between Johnny and the heroes. I just don’t understand why everyone cares about her beyond the she was there when Olympia died plot, she could easily be a much stronger and more worthwhile character, but just being relegated to a pawn is super annoying. This is especially true given how easily everyone sans Johnny and Walker have given up on her as a person, I mean even Retro Girl has decided that Calista is not worth the trouble. If part of the main cast doesn’t care about her than why should we as an audience?

I know there is a good show in here somewhere I just don’t know when it will finally reveal itself.

Final Grade C+

+Johnny being awesome

+Club forced a lot of storylines to combine

+Triphammer’s experiments

-Calista is not a useful plot piece

-Everyone of our heroes is woefully incompetent

-Atrocious CGI

Extra Thoughts

-Wolfe devouring people would have been a lot cooler if they hadn’t crazily CGI’d blood splatter.

-I don’t know why we are supposed to care about that cop’s kid. I mean he is pretty meaningless  to the plot.

-For the love of all that is holy, make Pilgrim do something worthwhile or put a bullet in her to progress the plot.

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