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REVIEW: The Walking Dead 5×15 “Try”

I think for the first time since the show’s inception, The Walking Dead has finally left people genuinely speechless after an episode. I’m not talking about the kind of speechless you get out of pure joy and satisfaction. I’m talking about utter confusion that makes you shake your head and look at the person next to you in complete shock. There’s really no other way to describe how I’m feeling right now. (spoilers ahead!)

By now, the people of Alexandria are wary about Rick’s group. After Father Gabriel’s confession/betrayal, we know that Deanna had doubts about Rick and company. Now she has even more to think about due to Nicholas giving a false recounting of what happened on the supply run on last week’s episode. Nicholas lies and makes it seem like it was Glenn who abandoned Aiden and who was responsible for getting Noah killed. But there is a satisfying scene later on where Glenn confronts Nicholas and slyly threatens him by saying that his cowardice will eventually get him killed. Personally, I hope it’s Glenn who puts the bullet in his head by the season finale.

Elsewhere, Enid reveals that she knows Carl has been following her on her little adventures beyond the walls of Alexandria. I knew right from the start that these two would become close friends (and maybe more), though I have to say that I’m glad they’re not dedicating too much of the show to this aspect. We have enough cheesy romance subplots going on in the show; we don’t need another one, especially involving Carl and one of the most one-dimensional angsty teen stereotypes I’ve ever seen. The scene where Enid and Carl hide in the tree stump made me roll my eyes so hard that I got dizzy. It wasn’t even the lame attempt at a romantic moment that annoyed me; it was the lack of logic. If a group of walkers is shambling your way, what do you do? Do you outrun them or do you back yourself into a tight tree trunk with no escape? God, I hate teenagers…

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Sasha has been going crazy for a while, and I don’t blame her. When she’s not spending her days up in the clocktower picking off walkers, she’s venturing into the wilderness to hunt them down. Michonne and Rosita catch up to her during her latest excursion and the trio successfully eradicate an entire herd. The scene was entertaining, but I am getting so sick and tired of this same cliche that has popped up in 90 percent of the episodes: A main character is pinned to the ground by a walker, you think they’re about to die, and then someone else comes in at the last minute and pops the walker in the head. It happens so frequently, that you just want to yell at the producers and chastise them for being so repetitive.

Along the same note, I’m getting tired of people being unable to escape/properly fight off the walkers. These things crawl at one or two feet per hour. How are you not able to outrun them? Even if you can’t escape, it should not be a huge task eliminating them. They’re nothing but a pile of deteriorating flesh and bones. It’s not like they have the adrenaline or strength to put up a huge fight. Even Eugene should have no problem with taking out a walker or two. Sorry, getting carried away…

Next up, we have Daryl and Aaron on a journey to God-knows-where in hopes of recruiting new survivors. They see a light in the distance, but when they reach it, all they find is a pile of limbs and a disemboweled walker tied to a tree with a W carved into her forehead. The W’s are becoming more prominent and we’re seeing most of the walkers carrying this sign. I’m almost positive it stands for the Wolves and that they are making their way to Alexandria. Another theory is that Nicholas, Aiden, and the other raiders from the community called themselves the Wolves and branded the walkers themselves. It wouldn’t seem too out of line. After all, we saw how Aiden and Nicholas used a walker for target practice, so what’s stopping them from committing more vile acts such as dismembering and branding bodies?

And now for the most exciting part of the episode: Rick vs. Pete! It was only a matter of time until Rick snapped and gave Pete a piece of his mind for hurting Jessie and Sam. The first hint of animosity tonight was earlier in the episode when Pete sees Rick, and the latter warns him to keep walking. It was a big surprise that Rick didn’t pull his gun out right there and shoot him, but I guess he was doing his best to abide by Deanna’s strict declaration against executions.

Rick eventually goes over to Jessie’s house and begs her to leave her husband. Speak of the devil, Pete appears, and he looks absolutely creepy! It’s strange how different he seemed compared to the first time we saw him at Deanna’s party. Back then, he was a charming and polite man. Tonight’s episode made him look like a creepy, deranged psychopath.

A fight breaks out and Rick and Pete end up in the street. Once again, the whole mismatching of strength annoyed me. Rick is a seasoned cop and Pete is a doctor. Granted, Pete was an abusive prick who probably had a lot of rage-strength going on, but Rick should’ve kicked the %&$# out of him. Rick actually pulls out his gun and goes on a rant against the townspeople of Alexandria, essentially stating that their way of living won’t work and that they should embrace the Rick-tatorship that he established within his own group. In mid-rant, Michonne cold-cocks him in the back of the head and knocks him out. End of episode.

There were so many questions swimming around my mind after tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead. I think viewers across the globe all gave a collective “wtf” when the credits started rolling. I don’t mind this cliffhanger because I know that it’s only leading to something truly epic for next week’s finale. But I still wish we had a little more meat in the rest of the episode.

Final Grade: B

+ I loved the entire ending scene; it mirrored Shane’s beating of Carol’s abusive husband, and now it looks like Rick is adopting the same persona as his former best friend.

+ Glenn subtly threatening Nicholas was awesome!

+ Michonne, Rosita, and Sasha taking on walkers was a nice change of pace during an otherwise slow part of the episode.


– I’m really tired of the “walker-pinning-hero-then-getting-shot” shtick.

– Enid is a walking cliche of angsty teenagers and I hope we don’t see more of her attempts at being romantic with Carl.

– The episode seemed hollow and slow at times and could do with more consistency in its pacing.

Extra thought:

– What if the light that Daryl and Aaron saw belonged to Morgan? He can’t be too far off, can he?

Do you have high hopes for the finale? What do you think will happen with Rick’s group? Let us know in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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  • I am wondering if this is the whisperers and Enid is one that was ‘found’ instead of captured in the comics. Perhaps she is Lydia and the writers are switching the timing of the storylines to whisperers first, then the Saviors (the Long War). It would also correlate with Maggie becoming leader of the Hilltop community, which may never show up in the show because it might be too complex. She seems to be undergoing a grooming for administration.

    Who knows.