6 Reasons to Get Excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It’s a question as old as time. It’s like the chicken and the egg. It’s almost unanswerable. Well, it certainly is to the millions of DC fans across the world anyway. Who would win in a fight, Superman or Batman?

“Batman has no powers,” one might say. “But he has a super cool car and a sidekick,” would say the other. “But Superman can fly!” you’d hear cried, “and he has superhuman strength!”

Finally, however, that argument can be put to rest (possibly), as we’re getting ever closer to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

It’s perhaps been the most highly anticipated films of the decade, and it will see Henry Cavill reprise his role as Superman, and a brand new Batman in Ben Affleck.

Which has caused plenty of controversy. The casting of Affleck has been met with huge criticism from some, especially with Christian Bale playing the part so well during Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy.

And then there’s Daredevil of course, that awful film which saw Affleck’s first flirtings with the world of superheroes. Although, the release of the new Daredevil show on Netflix this month has done wonders to erase Affleck’s perfomance. Plus, he’s grown a lot since then as an actor, and director for that matter, so it makes sense fans are finally warming to him.

But what do we know about the new movie? After all, there’s still around a year until we’ll get to sit down at the cinema and actually watch it.

6. It’s Going To Be BIG

batman-vs-superman (1)

When you combine two of the most popular superheroes in the world, you know it’s going to big. In fact you can just look at the merchandise and other media to see just how big it is. Superman dolls line the toy stores, Batman suits frequent every fancy dress shop, and you can even find Superman slots nowadays.

That all leads to global figures of around $900 million, which in the world of slots is certainly hitting the jackpot.

That’s on top of the billions of dollars they’ve made through the box office. So we can be sure to expect takings to hit the $100 million on opening weekend.

5. The Posters Have Arrived


With anticipation building, Zak Snyder has finally released the first lot of teaser posters, and they’re certainly asking you to pick sides.

They see us up close to Affleck’s Batman for the first time, and despite only the Argo star’s infamous chin on show, he certainly fits into the shell Bale left behind.

Staying true to the comic books roots, we love the bold colours and comic book stylings that almost look like they’ve been pulled straight off a billboard in Gotham. And with their eyes covered, we’re still yet to know what sort of darkness lies underneath.

4. We Have A Trailer

The trailer, which was originally leaked and perhaps a little underwhelming, certainly got us excited. It premiered in a couple of IMAX cinemas last week, and naturally it was only a few moments before it was being broadcast across the world thanks to one man, a camera, and social media.

We can only assume that Warner Bros expected this to happen. After all, everyone’s so damn looking forward to the movie, so it was no surprise the official trailer followed a few days later. Excited?

3. Eisenberg As Lex Luthor


It was perhaps the photograph of the shaven-headed Jesse Eisenberg that surprised us most about his casting as Lex Luther. His curly locks gone forever, or at least two hours.

For many it was an intriguing casting too. Eisenberg hardly has the look of a super villain; he’s more suited to awkward teenager roles and Woody Allen comedies. But see the still of him as Lex Luther, and that’s enough to turn anyone onto his side.

What’s more is that the exciting young talent adds to what is becoming a real stellar cast with him joining Amy Adams, Jeremy Irons, and Laurence Fishburne.

2. We Have Wonder Woman Too

Certainly a far cry from Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman of the 1970s, Wonder Woman is set to be back in action in Dawn of Justice.

At Comic Con 2014, producer Charles Roven revealed that the character would use Wonder Woman’s origins from The New 52 comic, and would be a demigoddess who is the daughter of Zeus.

Played by Gal Gadotstar of The Fast and the Furious series, it’s unclear where she’ll fit into the plot but with her due to continue that role in a movie specifically about Wonder Woman in 2017, her introduction to us could well be a key one and dictate her future storylines.

1. A Little Bit Of Story

And finally, we have a story…or at least a basic premise. Zack Snyder co-wrote the story with David Goyer and took inspiration from The Dark Knight Returns story, which finished with a fight between the two heroes. So we can expect that.

What we can’t expect is to guess how that will play out. You can guarantee there will be plenty of twists and turns, although Goyer has said it won’t be an adaptation of that story, but rather taking inspiration from it.

Just One More Thing…


The leaked teaser trailer has got everyone pretty excited. Fans throughout the world just want to see Affleck and Cavill on screen now. But whilst that won’t happen, we have got a sneak preview of what could happen thanks to some awesome fan producing a mash-up featuring old heroes Christopher Reeve and Adam West.

Of course, it barely matches the official trailer, with only the audio the same, but it still makes for pretty fun viewing.

Can the latest stars to don the Lycra compete with the two retro legends? We’ll have to wait and see, but the likelihood is yes. Yes of course they will. Now for the countdown to March 25, 2016…

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