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Age of MCU: 6 Daredevil Villains We’d Love To See On The Show

Marvel’s Daredevil is coming out TOMORROW. *Squealing fanboy excitement*

If you’re not squealing along with me, don’t worry; this version won’t be anything like the travesty from 2003 starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. With Marvel Studios at the helm, it’s almost guaranteed that Daredevil will be a fantastic thrill-ride for fans everywhere.

There has been a lot of talk floating around regarding this show. We know some general ideas about the storyline, the cast, and the ties into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One thing that I’ve been wanting to hear more about is the list of villains. We already know that the Kingpin is going to be the main antagonist, which is awesome since he’s an outstanding villain in the Marvel universe. But there is so much more potential to be had. Here are six more villains we’d love to see in the Daredevil TV series.

6. The Enforcers


The Enforcers may not be the most exciting villains to grace the pages of Marvel Comics, but they sure would fit into the world of Daredevil. What makes these villains so perfect for the series is the fact that they are your average thugs (at least, they are in the beginning). Since Daredevil is taking a realistic approach, the Enforcers could smoothly transition into this setting without seeming too over-the-top. They could be henchmen for the Kingpin who are tasked with eliminating Daredevil, or they could be a random gang of hooligans with their own agenda for tackling the Man Without Fear. Originally, the Enforcers fought against Spider-Man, so what if they bridged the gap between these two New York-based heroes on-screen? They even make an appearance in Civil War as part of a group of reformed villains called the Thunderbolts. What’s stopping them from appearing in the movie adaptation as well? Let’s give the Average Joes a shot at the big leagues!

5. Insomnia


Insomnia is a truly underrated villain, and it’s such a shame that she’s been swept under the rug. Like Daredevil, her eyes were affected by a chemical accident during her youth. However, unlike Daredevil, Insomnia was not blinded. Instead, she was granted super-vision, allowing her to see near-invisible physical details in objects hundreds of yards away. She’s also afraid to sleep (hence her moniker), and possesses unlimited boosts of adrenaline. Insomnia would give Daredevil a run for his money due to her extraordinary sight, as well as a flying platform that allows her to zoom around the city (sort-of like the Green Goblin’s Glider). I’d love to see Daredevil facing off against someone who is so similar yet so different to himself. Who would win in this battle of superhuman senses?

4. Typhoid Mary


I mentioned earlier how Daredevil is trying to stay grounded in reality, but that doesn’t mean it has to completely exclude super powers, especially since it takes place within the established Marvel Cinematic Universe. Enter Typhoid Mary, a mentally-unstable assassin with telekinetic abilities and peak human conditioning. Things would get a little tricky with Typhoid Mary because she’s technically a mutant, and the concept of mutants is currently held by Fox. But seeing as mutants Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are making an appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron (possibly by making them Inhumans instead of mutants), it’s likely we could see Typhoid Mary after all. Her full resume is too long and complex to explain in this article, but all you need to know is that she was briefly Daredevil’s lover, and her mental instability is not something that should be taken lightly.

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