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REVIEW: Arrow 3×21 “Al Sah-Him”

Just one year, can we not have Starling threatened by a city ending catastrophe and everyone just goes on living and doing whatever happened in Starling before Ollie came back. I assume it was eating pancakes and a ton of dug dealer violence, but I really have no clue. Sorry, getting sidetracked already and we haven’t even begun talking about “Al Sah-Him” or as we all know him d-bag Ollie. You know because apparently no one saw this coming and imagined that Ollie’s life would just be all sunshine and roses once he accepted Ra’s offer and that there would be no larger master plan. “Al Sah-Him” took a little while to build up and finally have everyone on the same level, but once it did you could see how this plot could get interesting and actually pay off in Oliver finally accepting hi destiny.

First thing is first, I am so glad we have season one Oliver back, you know the one who would literally mow down an entire apartment building in order to accomplish his goal. Watch Dark Oliver not only succeed at his mission, but do so in such an over powering way was extremely enjoyable. I mean it shouldn’t have been that hard for Oliver to take down his former team considering his pedigree of training, but was surprising was the teams refusal to believe that Ollie would go dark. I mean they were there when Ollie first started in Starling they saw all of the damage he left in his wake, why was Ollie going back to being a murderer so far out of their comprehension. I was a little surprised when Ollie abducted Lyla but then as I thought about it more it clicked as a vlid plan to put pressure on the team. It was extremely well orchestrated considering everything and I was excited that Ollie put that much thought into his plan.

As for Team Arrow, I am left wondering why the hell felicity is part of this team at the moment as she really did not add anything to the actual plot. Diggle and Nyssa were the clear standouts of the episode as each had a very specific arc that managed to payoff in the end. David Ramsey was perfect as he helped make Diggle the de-facto leader of the team and seeing the heartbreak of watching him loose a brother yet again. I love when Diggle is actually given a chance to do things as it always elevates the scene same way that when Barry and his dad have scenes they are the best of the episode. Watching Diggle struggle to convince Ollie that there is still good inside him was painful as we were shown very early on just how detached our hero has become. Oliver is now a tool for Ra’s to use and discard as he pleases and that makes Ollie’s situation all the more terrifying.

On a similar note we were shown a much different side of Nyssa as she was more human and frightened by her situation. It says a lot that the moment she heard Ollie had become the heir she practically shit herself in fear of everything that was to come. Nyssa knows first hand just how dangerous and screwed up the League can be, and for the rest of the team to discount everything she was saying was disheartening to say the least. If any other character, Malcolm, Sara, Maseo, even Oliver told Diggle and Felicity that the league would brainwash someone, they would have immediately have been on board. However, because it was Nyssa and she has caused the team nothing but trouble from day one the team refused to believe her. It was screwed up that they believe Malcolm more than Nyssa as Nyssa has at least attempted to reform herself. Frustrating to say the least.

As I was watching I had a big qualm right at the beginning of the episode and I really couldn’t shake my anger over it, the reveal of Damian Dark. Ra’s is our big bad and Matt Nable has been doing a fantastic job portraying him, however we are all of a sudden introduced to the concept of this disgraced heir who wants to destroy the league and it just seem so poorly constructed. We should focus on Ra’s and the threat that he presents to our heroes and not be warned about this villain out in the ether that apparently makes Ra’s worry. It discounts the threat of our big bad in a way that just plain disappoints me and this should have been left for when everything has been resolved with Ra’s.

Overall it was an ok episode but nothing spectacular.

Final Grade C+

+Dark Oliver

+Canary Cry

+Great material for Diggle and Nyssa

-How is everyone shocked at Ollie being a murderer again

-Ra’s threat under cut by Damian Dark

-Starling once again going to be attacked

Extra Thoughts

-That moment where Dark Ollie cuts the arrow out while staring down Thea was great.

-So Thea finds out about Roy faking his death in the most awkward way possible, Felicity really should have had better timing.

-I know Maseo’s kid is supposed to die but didn’t he take the antidote?

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