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REVIEW: Daredevil 1×03 “Rabbit in a Snowstorm”

You know, for a series that prides itself on strong characters and strong action scenes it sure takes a long amount of time for it to get to it’s most powerful and most interesting one. Yes, Wilson Fisk finally made his all to brief debut in “Rabbit in a Snowstorm”, but luckily for him he was not the most interesting part of the entire episode. The entire lead up and crux of the episode focuses on an aspect I was excited that we actually got to see on screen, Matt and Foggy being lawyers. For a large part of the first two episodes Matt has primarily been in his suit beating up bad guys and sticking it to the Russians. This one however begins our journey to actually seeing the bigger picture of the series as Matt chooses to use his wits to fight back rather than his fists. Sure there are some fights over the course of the episode but this was more about Matt the person rather than Matt the vigilante.

Like I said this episode is much more decidedly slow paced and methodical than our first two installments and I love the way we get to take a breather from the violence. Seeing Matt and Foggy actually get to try a case and be lawyers was an aspect I was really worried would be omitted from the series in favor of them never leaving the office. Watching them meet their “client” and physically be in court was a great route to take as it is always nice to see that our heroes have a life outside of being vigilantes. I especially enjoyed the fact that Foggy realized this case was bad news even though Matt wanted to take it in order to further gain knowledge of his enemy. What pushed the case over the edge for me was Healy as a character as he was the perfect mixture of a cold blooded psychopath and a “golly gee I’m innocent” bystander. We as an audience know more than anyone that Healy is a bad guy, but for Matt to have to defend him in open court despite knowing on some level that this guy is a killer was a strong move for the series to make.

Speaking of Fisk finally appearing on screen he certainly does make a certain impression as Wesley’s whole “we don’t say his name” schtick was getting old. Whether it be because he is super private about all of his affairs, or because apparently simply saying his name means you have to kill yourself. For Fisk to have this much power already and not be a major player in the MCU says volumes about his abilities. I wish we could learn more about what exactly earned him this reputation and how he came to have so much power, but I have a feeling that this is going to be a rather closely guarded secret. Although it is great that good ol’ Ben Urich can already see that someone is making a play for Hells Kitchen, and that all of the recent acts are building up to something. From what we see of Fisk in this episode I like the direction his character, he is not nearly as bombastic as his comic counterpart and seems more frightened than any version I have read.

Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the action which was once again top notch as both the opening bowling alley fight and Matt’s fight with Healy were as usual brutal and expertly crafted.I especially enjoyed the creativity of the bowling alley fight since it is a unique location for a fight to take place as opposed to the average warehouse and alleyways we have seen up to this point. Also, style points for bashing that guy’s head in with a bowling ball, I mean I was just waiting for him to grab a pin and go to town on the mob guy, but the bowling ball added something to the fight simply knowing how much that would probably hurt. I did feel that Matt’s final fight with Healy ended a little to quickly and I don’t know how physically possible it is to impale yourself on a spike. That was hardcore I am not being tortured type scenario.

Overall it was a solid episode.

Final Grade B-

+Fisk finally shows up

+Matt and Foggy in court

+Those fights

-Fisk shows up for all of one minute

-Ben’s intro is way to short

Extra Thought’s

-Matt using his powers to determine jury tampering is a cool visual. I want more of that.

-Ok I know no one probably thoroughly cleans the pinball machine, but come on, the gun was right there.

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