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REVIEW: Gotham 1×20 “Under the Knife”

That was surprisingly ok, you know the highest complement you can give Gotham at this point considering how poor it’s been all season. “Under the Knife” should really be the stalling point in the entire Ogre arc, but instead I was generally pleased with how things developed. I say generally because like anything clunky writing and poor motivation can drag anything down and boy, were there ever some clunky bits. For Gotham, the gains somehow managed to outweigh the losses a we watched the cat and mouse game between Ogre and Gordon develop as well as some characters taking some big steps in their development. Gotham seems to have found some semblance of a structure it can work with by presenting an actual threat to Gordon as well as showing that GCPD can be competent in their police work if given the chance.

Ok I can’t decide whether Jim is a really good detective or if the Ogre has been doing this so long he simply thinks he is uncatchable. I mean for a prolific serial killer he has made some real mistakes in terms of Jim almost immediately noticing his tail, calling Jim in order to intimidate him, and not really coving up his identity all that well. It feels like GCPD should have had the Ogre behind bars years ago even with all of the threat of having your family murdered business. Lucky for us despite the sheer stupidity of our villain, Milo Ventimiglia still is fun in the role and manages to tap into his evil Batman-esque villain persona quite nicely. Watching him stalk and slowly turn Barbara was enjoyable enough considering how shitty a character she has been up to this point. Ventimiglia’s evil speech of evil about releasing his inner face worked well enough to not come off entirely hokey, but still felt a little too much like Joker turning Harley.

A lot of the issues that I saw in the Ogre plot were also apparent in the Nygma storyline as well, as Nygma took his big step and crossed the uncrossable line. It says something that I believe Nygma was in the right in killing the douchebag woman beating cop and that I am excited to see how he will cover this all up. As of right now Nygma is the most intelligent man in the entire series, sure he does not have the same street smarts we see in Maroni or Falcone, but it is clear that he should be able to outthink the current Gordon and Bullock. What really got me excited was the way in which Nygma was both conflicted and elated about the fact he just took the life of another man. You could see him waffling between elation and devastation and that was a great turn for a character who has felt relegated to a B character when he should clearly be more of an A. Hopefully the writers are able to capitalize on Nygma’s intelligence and he will be able to out think the cops and get away with the murder, if not then the writer’s really aren’t that strong as Nygma is going to be The Riddler at some point which means he needs to be a rival to Batman’s intellect.

As for the Bruce and Selena plot I felt it worked well for what it needed to accomplish as it clearly showed Bruce’s attraction to her as well as the fact that the two of them will always have different ideologies. Seeing Selena be so uncomfortable in that party setting was satisfying considering who she is supposed to become and for Bruce to be more proactive in unmoving the truth was a welcome surprise. There was one aspect of the entire party scene that annoyed me as Bruce and Selena were basically yelling about the fact they had killed a man. I feel like someone at that event should have raised a red flag when the heard Bruce talking about that. The line of the night however goes to Bruce as he informs Selena that people are simply staring because he “is Bruce Wayne”. It was great to see Bruce be a cocky little bastard as he attempted to impress Selena even though they were attempting the lift.

As for the annoying part Penguin getting revealed to his mother I just really don’t care as no matter how much fire power goes into the gang war, neither Maroni nor Penguin are going to be killed. It feels like the stakes are super low for certain characters because of what their futures hold and unless we are going to be given a story completely out of left field and kill off a Batman rogue, then this entire storyline is as worthless as anything involving Fish.

Overall it was an above Average episode of Gotham, so you know watchable.

Final Grade C+

+Nygma killing the cop

+Bruce and Selena at the party

+Ogre still a fun bad guy

-Surprising the Ogre has not been caught yet

-Penguin and Maroni stuff has no threat

-Douche cop was so douchey it was not even funny

Extra Thoughts

-Nygma holding the watermelon bowl was a fun bit after he murdered all the watermelons earlier.

-That elephant man fade to the “new” Ogre was so cheesy it was not even funny

-Alfred making fun of awkward Bruce will never not be enjoyable.

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  • While I did like most of how Riddler was handled this episode, I still think it was too soon for him to cross that line. I do hope they manage to tie it up nicely at least. And finally Barbara gets something to do besides be a waste of space!