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REVIEW: iZombie 1×04 “Liv and Let Clive”

Another week, another episode of iZombie, and yet another hour I could’ve spent watching something more enjoyable. I apologize to any fans of this show, but I just can’t get into it. The first episode was great, the second episode was meh, and it’s been slowly declining with each passing week. Tonight’s episode, “Liv and Let Clive”, seemed promising, and ended up being disappointing. (spoilers ahead!)

A majority of the episode is dedicated to Liv’s continued frustration and strained relationship with her ex-fiance, Major (I still hate that name). Apparently, Major has gone and found himself a new girlfriend who might be moving into his place since Liv isn’t around anymore. In order to stop this, Liv asks Ravi to become Major’s roommate. Ravi is hesitant at first, but he discovers that he and Major have a lot in common, so it could really work out. The whole “bro-ing out” moment that Ravi and Major had was supposed to be funny and cute, but I didn’t feel it. It seemed too predictable and cliche.

Blaine is striking it out on his own and building a network of his own zombies across the city. He’s currently living with this lady who pays him $25,000 a month to supply her with brains, and he employs some muscles to assist him with acquiring food. The two guys who work for him are some of the lamest, most wooden actors I’ve ever seen. The only things they’re good for in this episode are to deliver clunky exposition and try to make funny quips that ultimately fall flat.

The main part of the episode involved Clive, who Liv supposes is a dirty cop thanks to a recent brain she has ingested. Once again, I got lost in the plot. The characters are poorly identified and seem way too generic for me to figure out what is going on with who. All I could pull from the episode was that Clive was supposedly a dirty cop who beat up the members of an Asian gang or something like that. They try to elaborate on this through flashbacks, but I was too busy cringing through the horrible overacting by everyone involved.

There is a scene where Liv suddenly realizes she knows kung fu and uses it to fight off one of the gang members in her home. At the last minute, just as the guy is about to kill Liv’s perverted brother, she zombies out and beats the living hell out of him. I’m a little curious about this full zombie mode she indulges in every once in a while. It’s like her version of turning into the Hulk, I guess. The scene was missing something, but it wasn’t as bad as the rest of the episode. I’m just happy with the well-choreographed fight.

iZombie is just plain unenjoyable for me. I may have said this before, but I feel like you could only like it at this point if you’re a fan of the comic. The show has to do a lot of work if it wants to draw me back in. My recommendation? Stop with the convoluted plots, identify characters better, and don’t resort to cliche dialogue.

Final Grade: D +

+ The kung fu scene was well-choreographed.


– Poor acting, especially in the flashbacks.

– Bad story-telling and lack of coherent plot development.

– Liv’s brother is a freaking perv.


Extra Thought:

– Blaine shoots his minions in the head; I think this DOES confirm that zombies in the iZombie-verse can only be killed through headshots.


What did you think of this episode of iZombie? Still chugging along or have you given up hope? Give us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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