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REVIEW: iZombie 1×05 “Flight of the Living Dead”

The most recent episode of iZombie wasn’t perfect, but it was actually better than the past few. This gives me hope that the entire show could possibly turn around and maybe, just maybe, become watchable. However, it still has its fair share of flaws, and I’m hoping the writers get their %$&# together and nip these problems in the bud right away. (spoilers ahead!)

“Flight of the Living Dead” involves a skydiving accident where the victim is a young woman whom Liv knew from her college sorority days. According to Liv, this woman, Holly, lived each day as her last and was always striving to reach her maximum potential. This contrasts Liv’s subtle, more hesitant personality, which leads to her taking things for granted. So when Liv chows down on the brain, she not only learns more about the cause of death, but she also learns how to take advantage of “life” and how to “live” it to the fullest.

As it turns out, someone drugged Holly before she jumped, which caused her to have some problems with pulling the chute, thus leading to her death. In the beginning, I was really drawn into the storyline and found myself intrigued by the case. The show immediately lost me when they revealed the suspects and three of them looked almost exactly the same. For the love of God, STOP CASTING GENERIC-LOOKING ACTORS. It’s not like iZombie has a problem with diversity; the entire main cast is rich in diverse actors and actresses so that it’s easy to distinguish them. But then when you get into the crime scene, it’s just a bunch of generic nobodies whose identities you can hardly distinguish from one another. It’s the same problem I had with Arrow in the beginning. Is this a CW thing? These shows do a great job distinguishing main characters, but the rest is just awful.

As if that wasn’t enough, Liv happens to fall for one of the generic douches she happens to be interrogating. Something else I noticed about this show – why is everyone really ridiculously good-looking? I think that’s how it is with every show, but it’s caught my eye more in iZombie. What are the odds that everyone who comes into Liv’s life just happens to be a super-model? And for being a zombie, Liv still looks gorgeous. Isn’t she supposed to be rotting, or do these zombies not deteriorate like your average undead?

Anyway, Liv falls for this guy named Lowell who also happens to be the main suspect in Holly’s death. Fortunately, they prove that Lowell is innocent so that Liv can continue to flirt with him guilt-free. But hold the phone – there’s something funny going on with this new guy. He’s actually a zombie! They’re starting to come out of the woodwork! First it was just Liv and Blaine, then Blaine’s mystery woman, then his cohorts, and now we have Lowell? But wait, there’s more! Detective Babineaux’s boss is hinted at being a zombie too!

Is it just me, or do more zombies take away from Liv’s own character? In the beginning, she was struggling with the fact that she was a lone undead, and then found companionship in Blaine. Now that there are zombies crawling all over, it’s taking away from that value. I preferred seeing Liv as more of a black sheep of humanity. With more zombies coming around, I’m afraid that it’ll eventually turn this show into a cheap clone of Warm Bodies, though, that may not be a bad thing and might in fact make it more entertaining.


One scene that intrigued me was towards the very end. Major is at the skatepark looking for a missing teenager he knew and sees a random thug wearing the boy’s shoes. The two get into a fight, and it’s revealed that this stranger is yet another zombie. Shoe-thief goes full zombie mode and beats the hell out of Major, leaving his comatose body in the middle of the skatepark. The last scene of the show involves Liv about to conduct an autopsy while talking about living her life to the fullest and being ready to accept any new feelings, good or bad, into her life. For a split-second, I was hoping that the autopsy subject was going to belong to Major. That would’ve been an outstanding cliffhanger, and it would’ve fit in with the running theme of the episode. But alas, iZombie missed the opportunity.

I’ll give this episode a pass, mainly because it’s almost a masterpiece compared to previous entries. iZombie almost has the right idea.  Take the good parts from this episode and build upon them, and you might draw me in.

Final Grade: C +

+ The main case was interesting and engaging.

Rose McIver is as charming as ever.

+ There were a few funny pop culture references scattered throughout that made me smile.


– Stop with the generic castings!

– The more zombies being introduced, the less I empathize with Liv.

– Liv’s new boyfriend seems like a cocky tool-bag; I’m hoping Blaine kills him soon.


Extra Thought:

– What happened to Blaine? He’s a main character the last few episodes and now he’s MIA?

How did you feel about the recent episode of iZombie? Think it’s finally getting better or are you still as pessimistic as I am? Send us your opinions on Twitter or in the comment section!

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