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REVIEW: iZombie 1×07 “Maternity Liv”

Is it just me? Is something wrong with my brain that doesn’t allow me to enjoy iZombie? I promise that I’m doing my best to like this show, but it’s practically impossible. I can’t tell if it’s the bad over-acting, the billion different plots and subplots going on at once, the poor storyboarding, or the fact that every other line is mumbled or said by someone who has an insanely thick accent. The show is not doing it for me. “Maternity Liv” only made me more frustrated by the end of the hour. (spoilers ahead!)

The crime of the week involves a pregnant girl named Emily who allegedly had been missing for eight months before turning up all bruised, bloodied, and battered. The prime suspect is obviously the trashy scumbag of a boyfriend, though he vehemently denies his involvement. The media and Emily’s parents paint him as the guilty party because of his long-standing reputation of arguing with Emily and treating her like crap. It also doesn’t help that when Liv noms on Emily’s brain, she has a vision of the boyfriend getting kicked out of the house and being decked across the face by her father after making a crude remark.

My problem with this whole scenario is the boyfriend. I have no idea what kind of character he’s supposed to be. He turns out to be 100% innocent of the crime at the end, but he’s still this huge pile of trash. In Liv’s little flashback, he says (to Emily’s father’s face!) something about how he was already done with her (referencing them just having sex). What kind of moronic piece of crap says that to someone? His stupidity is mind-blowing.

On a semi-related note, the show’s concept of Liv eating victims’ brains was quirky and fun at first, but in this episode, it didn’t sit right with me. Ravi tells Emily’s parents how they were going to treat the body with utmost respect, but the next scene has Liv snacking on her brains as usual. I don’t know why it took up until now for me to be bothered by this aspect. Maybe it’s because of the fact that Emily was a young mother and because we actually saw Ravi tell her parents they would take care of the corpse. Either way, this is the one time I actually would’ve been fine with Liv NOT doing her zombie thing.

And what’s an episode of iZombie without a little awkward romance? Liv feels uncomfortable when she kisses Lowell, making her rethink their relationship. Fortunately, it’s all a misunderstanding due to Lowell having ingested the brain of a gay person and thus adopting his homosexual tendencies. So until Lowell can get his hands on a “straight” brain, he and Liv decide to have a platonic bonding night.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 7.00.35 PM

I cannot stand the scenes with Lowell since his accent is so heavy and it’s hard to understand him sometimes, but I thought him and Liv bonding was a cute sub-plot. It’s nice to see them getting along without relying on pure romantics. His role in this episode raised an important question about the zombie brain-eating powers. We now know that sexuality can be passed on, but what other attributes can zombies adopt? Also, why does it seem like every time a zombie eats a specific brain, they only take on one particular attribute at a time? In this episode, it seemed like Liv just had a “maternal” personality going on. In the previous episode, it was a “gamer” personality. To what extent to the powers reach?

On the other side of Seattle, Major is still tracking down the man responsible for abducting the homeless children from the skatepark. Major breaks into the car of the “Candyman” and looks for clues until the police show up and arrest him. Here’s another thing that bugged me: Major found a brain in a tupperware container and showed it to the police. The Candyman had an excuse of it being a calf brain and the police let him go without so much as a warning. Really? Is it that easy to get away with crime in Seattle? I’m almost certain that the police are working with the guy (and possibly with Blaine), so this situation could resolve itself. However, if the police were just being naive and actually believed that it was a calf brain, then I may have lost most of my faith in this show…

In all honesty, it was the ending of the episode that saved it for me. The shootout with the police was great, but the overall resolution to the case of Emily’s disappearance was anticlimactic. I was left watching the screen and just going “Oh, come on! That’s it?”.

iZombie, you’re only digging yourself into a deeper hole each week.

Final Grade: C

+ The shootout and police raid at the end was awesome.

+ Liv’s maternal side as well as Lowell’s bonding night were cute side stories added to the episode.

+ I’m happy Clive is taking charge instead of being the slapstick side-character he was portrayed as in the previous episodes.

– Lowell’s accent is so thick that it’s hard to understand him sometimes; other characters also need to stop mumbling their lines!

– There is just way too much going on in these episodes that it’s hard to keep track.

– The ending to the couple’s story was anticlimactic; I expected a much bigger payoff.

Extra Thoughts:

– I find it baffling that the police let the Candyman off and took Major to jail; my guess is that they a) hated Major for his involvement in the article that condemned Seattle PD and wanted revenge, or b) were in cahoots with Blaine, the Candyman, and the Meat Cute gang.


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