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REVIEW: The Flash 1×19 “Who Is Harrison Wells?”

You know for a stall episode that was a pretty good one. One last little easy ride before our team is forced to confront the big bad and take the fight to an enemy they know they stand little chance of victory against. However the question still remains for our team at this point, “Who is Harrison Wells?” Is he the villain they truly believe him to be, the monster who set Barry on this path to becoming a super hero, the faithful mentor that has always been in the right place at the right time? These are the questions our heroes will have to face in the coming weeks, but for now we will focus on the Everyman, Hannibal Bates and Joe and Cisco’s adventures in Starling City. It says a lot about this season of Arrow that one of the best Laurel and Lance plots actually took place on The Flash. Still, it is always fun to see the shows intersect even in a minor fashion.

So the big draw this week was the use of Everyman and getting to watch all of the actors play slightly darker versions of themselves. Watching evil Barry was truly a highlight as he was much more suave and self confident than our favorite speedster. However, the best part for me personally was watching Barry and the gang attempt to free Eddie once he was arrested by the police. As Eddie so bluntly put it this was not about Barry saving Eddie and making sure another innocent man did not go to prison, this was about doing things the right way because that is what The Flash does. After floundering for so much of the season Eddie as not only become palpable in the past few episodes, but downright enjoyable. He openly recognizes the good Barry does as well as the effect he has had on the city as a whole. People believe in The Flash and see him as a symbol of hope and if he were to break out a suspected cop killer that would break that trust. Eddie much like Joe or Diggle acted as Barry’s moral compass this week and it managed to play at just the right note.

On the flip side of the coin you have Iris managing to actually be useful despite being pretty annoying for a large stretch of the episode. It was a little strange to see her do a complete 180 on Eddie once he was arrested, but at the same time it was appreciated. We really have not gotten to see her do much reporting or aiding the team, so this was an extremely welcome change of pace. It was a strong move for her to recognize the big break in the case as she knew Eddie is left handed. If anything this episode proved that Iris should really be included more in the main plot as she managed to hold her own with Wells and Caitlin.

At the same time Cisco and Joe were looking for answers in Starling and managed to make one of the best Laurel and Lance plots of the entire season. It was amazing how much more likable Laurel was with Flash writing as opposed to Arrow writing. She seemed downright happy that Cisco wasn’t crapping on her inexperience as a vigilante and that she was treated as a worthwhile member of the team. Heck Cisco made her the Canary Cry and made her super quippy, that is something Arrow fans have been waiting three years for and I couldn’t be more pleased. I just hope that Laurel’s overall disposition carries over to Arrow because moody Laurel is the worst. I also really enjoyed Joe and Lance having a heart to heart as Joe slightly understood where Lance’s anger was coming from but still enforced the “family is more important” line. It says so much about Jesse L. Martin that he is able to elevate every scene he is in and make it infinitely more enjoyable.

The capstone of it all was when the team not only discovered the murdered Harrison Wells’ corpse, but also Thawne’s secret lair. It was a little convenient that Thawne left not only his suit but also the newspaper confirming his time travel up for all to see. I will however let that slide as it finally give the team a slight edge over Thawne since they finally know he is truly the Reverse Flash. So now we head into the endgame which means no more marathon, in true Flash fashion it will be a sprint to the finish line.

Overall a strong preamble.

Final Grade B+

+Everyman a fun villain

+Laurel and Lance a fun crossover

+Eddie and Iris surprisingly useful this week

+They found the lair

-The lair for some reason wasn’t bio-locked

Extra Thoughts

-Cisco’s nerdy, no hover hand picture with Laurel in costume was worth every second

-Barry just ran to Coast City for pizza. With all of this set up just give us a Green Lantern, except for Guy, no one likes Guy unless he is Red.

-Seriously though how was the lair not bio-locked? Does it require Speed Force to enter?

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