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REVIEW: The Flash 1×20 “The Trap”

Now it’s on, it’s on like Donkey Kong. We are finally approaching the end and boy oh boy does it look like it is going to be a fun ride. “The Trap” managed to do a ton of the heavy lifting for us that would usually be left for next week the mayhem and evil mastermind type machinations to begin, and boy am I looking forward to that. It says a lot about the show that the best scenes this week were not the action or Barry using his powers in innovative ways, rather that the dialogue was so spot on that the entire episode felt crisp and refreshing. Seeing the changes that took place in all of our characters and watching our evolve from the relationships we have known for so long into the people we see at the end was immensely gratifying. Adding in the fact that all of the performances this week were top notch and you have the makings of one of the best episodes of the series hands down.

First things first, Eobard is finally out in the open and is behaving like the madman we know him to be. It was beautiful watching Tom Cavanaugh evolve from Wells, to methodical Eobard, to full on super villain Eobard over the course of the episode. Each scene added a new layer to Thawne’s character that was greatly appreciated with the standouts being the two end scenes once Thawne’s trap was revealed. Cavanaugh nailed the evil madman part of Thawne and was really enjoying gloating to both the team and Eddie about the fact that he had once again managed to pull one over on them. I mean he was pretty much one maniacal laugh short of being a full on super villain but his chemistry was stop notch. I loved the last scene with Eddie even though it was super short as it showed that Thawne has no emotional connection to his relative and simply views Eddie as a piece to his puzzle. It was cold, beautiful, and ended on the exact right note.

The standout scene for me though was the one between Thawne and Barry in the coma as it showed us a side of Thawne we had not seen before. We know that Eobard respects Barry as a speedster but hates him for some unknown reason and I love that aspect of his character. It says so much about Eobard evolution as a person that in stalking a younger Barry he has come to see that his archenemy is not all that bad a person and that everyone makes choices in their life. Of course he is still resigned to killing Barry and siphoning his speed in order to return to the future, but for our psychotic manipulative villain to actual evolve on his perspective says something about him. Thawne truly is the best character on the show as week in and week out he manages to add something new to his portrayal and it will be truly fascinating to see how this all ends.

Speaking of strong material I loved the use of the flashbacks this week as we saw just how much Barry being in a coma effected his loved ones. Seeing Joe blame himself for everything that has happened really hit home as we have always assumed Joe had Barry’s best interests at heart. Joe did what he had to in order to make sure Barry got the best care possible, it just so happened that it was all orchestrated by Thawne in order to make Barry The Flash. Similarly, Iris’ material was not to bad this week as we got to see just how much of a safety net Barry was in her life. We were able to tell just how much Barry actually means to Iris as a person, something we have not seen up to this point since their relationship is usually portrayed only as friends. There were just so many fantastic things going on in those flashbacks and since they are used sparingly, unlike Arrow, they manage to work a hell of a lot better.

This episode was just packed with great reveal and amazing setup, it managed to set the stage for everything to come, and I am so ready for it all.

Final Grade A-

+Excellent use of the flashbacks

+Cavanaugh’s performance was impeccable

+Almost everything is out in the open

+Iris knows

-Hannibal reveal was predictable

Extra Thoughts

-As they are building the lucid dream device we see Cold’s visor and Vibe’s goggles. Nice little easter eggs

-So Gideon was created by future Barry. Awesome reveal, but I was left wondering if Thawne let Gideon in the time vault or took her with him.

-Grodd is coming next week. We are actually going to have a full episode focusing on Grodd, that is amazing.

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