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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: 12 Monkeys 1×13 “Arms of Mine”

Season finale time which only means one thing, everything must escalate and everything must change. It’s a rule that I love to watch play out especially when so many of 12 Monkeys elements can be changed at the drop of a hat and alter the very course of history. Take for example “Arms of Mine” where major reveals happen left and right and we manage to build a solid foundation for season two. You want Cole facing off against Ramse, check. You want Aaron getting what was coming to him, check. You want to find out who the hell the creepy face painted dudes are, check. This week was about all of the larger moments in the series and building toward the release of the virus, which at this point seems inevitable, and you know what, it somehow manages to all work.

Lets start with the big stuff Cole and Ramse’s Mexican Standoff in front of the time machine which manage to take a unique twist. I loved the fact that Ramse managed to break down why he did everything he has done up to this point to Cole. It could have come off as half hearted or lame but Cole has known Ramse for such a long time now that it was satisfying to see them somewhat reconcile. It was interesting to see this happen considering everything Olivia said about destiny and all of Cole’s actions up to this point being preordained. Now that things are seemingly off the rail in the past I am left to wonder how the future will be altered if any. I assume that Cassie was not ever supposed to make it to the future and thus the order of events are now out of whack. On the flip side what does it all mean if all of this was preordained to happen and Cassie’s future is still sealed. I have so many questions and very few answers which is exciting.

Speaking of the 12 Monkeys, we finally got to meet them, or a version of them as they sought to take over Jones’ lab and Project Splinter. Both Olivia and the Future Men constantly mention that the circle must be complete and not broken. Obviously this means that certain guideposts must be hit in order for the plague to be successful, but there is so much more that could happen. Ramse according to Olivia is not supposed to be alive and in our main timeline we know that Cassie is supposed to die in 2017. However, we see that Jones is clearly shocked by Cassie’s arrival as are the Future Men which means that this event is not preordained and that we can have some changes in the timeline. The big problem that the series has faced up to this point is that we never really get to see the changes that all of Cole and now Cassie’s time travel have. Now hopefully we will actually be able to see the ramifications as well as see our heroes begin to fight back against the 12.

The last big element that took place in the finale in my opinion was Jennifer stepping up and bringing chaos down on her father’s company. Jennifer has been the wildcard up to this point in the series, but now she is spreading the plague around the world and nothing can seemingly stop her. Jennifer has be supremely under used, but now it seems as if she will be a major player moving forward. Whether she is a friend or a foe we really don’t know but at least she will truly be involved in the plot moving forward, same way that the 12 Monkeys will finally be taking a more prominent role.

Overall it was a very strong finale and now we wait for season two.

Final Grade B+

+Need time travel to create time travel

+Cassie going to the future

+Jennifer’s presentation

-12 Monkeys never really a prominent threat throughout the season

-Time Travel ramifications never fully explored.

Extra Thoughts

-I know Aaron betrayed everyone but he did not deserve to go out like that.

-So no clue on if the Pallid Man truly died last week, I will just assume he did.

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