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REVIEW: Daredevil 1×11 “The Path of the Righteous”

Well, will you look at that? We’ve had quite a few surprises on this episode of Daredevil. “The Path of the Righteous” was an hour of nail-biting suspense filled with twists and turns and shocking outcomes. We watched as confident and demanding characters showed their weaker, more human sides, while normally timid people rose up and finally fought back! It was a hell of a ride and it only provokes more excitement as we draw closer to the finale. (major spoilers ahead!)

Fisk is freaking out. Not only has Vanessa been poisoned, but the public is possibly turning against him and realizing what kind of villain he is deep down inside. I’ve loved Vincent D’Onofrio‘s performance throughout the entire season, and this episode keeps that sentiment going strong. The thing that I truly love is that he’s more frightened about what’s happening to Vanessa rather than what’s going on with his image. It’s almost as if he’s willing to give up his entire endeavor just to be with her; though, a partial reason he’s going through with his venture is to impress her.

Interestingly, it’s actually Wesley who’s more concerned with Fisk’s tarnished brand. While Fisk is worrying over Vanessa’s safety, Wesley tracks down who may be responsible for the poisoning. He also orchestrates the kidnapping of Karen, and eventually confronts her, demanding that she stop digging into his boss’s past and start publishing flattering stories about Fisk to turn the public in his favor. I was iffy about Wesley in the beginning of the series but he’s since grown on me. I’ve talked about how Fisk is such a great villain because he’s relaxed and charismatic, yet subtly dangerous. Wesley seems to have adopted these qualities. He’s got this creepy aura around him. It’s like he’ll rush to hold a door open for someone, but if that person doesn’t say thank you, he’ll hire a hitman to kill them. The weird part is that I’m not even exaggerating about that.

Unfortunately, this is the last time we see Wesley due to his untimely death at the end of the episode. Who’s the person who pulls the trigger that kills him? None other than Karen Page! This blew my mind. Of all the people who would commit murder, it had to be Karen. Throughout the entire season, she’s been this timid, nurturing, and almost motherly character without a sin to her name. When she’s forced into an uncomfortable situation though, she doesn’t back down. She doesn’t stand for Wesley’s threats to her family and friends and ends up murdering him on the spot before escaping the interrogation room. You go, Karen! Now let’s see how these repercussions affect her and her loved ones in the future…



Wesley isn’t the only person departing the show. We find out that this is the last time that Claire will be around to tend to Matt’s wounds. She’s decided to move on, but tells Matt that she will always be there for him. Before she leaves, she advises him to look into body armor, much like what Fisk wears. Right away, we as fans know what this means: the iconic costume is coming!

Matt tracks down Fisk’s armorer, Melvin Potter, and after a brief fight, convinces him to create a new costume that would act as both armor and a symbol. I enjoyed Matt Gerald‘s performance as Potter. He was portrayed as intelligent, yet child-like. He would do anything to protect himself and his loved ones, which is why he initially fought Daredevil but eventually sided with him when Murdock told him that he’d make sure Fisk would never harm him or the people he cares about. I’ll say that I was fairly disappointed that we didn’t get some further hints at the costume in this episode. I would’ve liked to have seen something along the lines of Potter sketching the initial designs for the armor.

Is it weird that this episode felt shorter than an hour? In the beginning, I thought it had a slow set up, but it gathered speed over the last couple of episodes. With two more episodes left in the series, we can only hope that things soon tie back together into a coherent conclusion.

Final Grade: A –

+ I loved Karen and Wesley’s performances throughout the episode.

+ It was cool meeting Melvin Potter and finding out the red suit was coming.

+ The ending was abrupt and jaw-dropping, just how I like it.

– It’s a shame that two great characters are now gone from the show.

– I was hoping we’d see the red costume in this episode, at least in a sketch or something.

Extra Thoughts:

– I hope Potter suits up as Gladiator in a future episode/season.

What did you think of “The Path of the Righteous”? Anything in particular that you really liked or really hated? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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