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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: Daredevil 1×13 “Daredevil”

Well, THAT was an epic finale for a show, albeit a bit predictable. This final episode of Daredevil was probably one of the best ones I had seen in a while. The drama, the action, the tension – all of these elements came together to end the first season of what I hope becomes a long-standing component of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But let’s dig deeper and see exactly what it is that made this episode so extraordinary. (spoilers ahead!)

The opening shot takes place at Ben Urich’s funeral. It’s a sad, heart-rendering moment, especially during the conversation between Urich’s wife, Doris, and Karen. It was tragic seeing Ben depart the show, but at least he did so in an honorable way, attempting to expose Fisk and his underhanded dealings. Fortunately, his death acts as a catalyst for Karen to move forward with her plan to undermine the crime boss, and triggers Matt to finally stop Fisk once and for all. On another semi-bright note, Ben took out a life insurance policy prior to his death, which means his disabled widow will have a safety net to support her. It just further proves how good of a man Ben was, always thinking of others besides himself.

Foggy doesn’t attend the funeral, making you think that he’s some scumbag who could barely care about the situation. As it turns out, he’s actually been trying to reconcile with his lawyer ex in order to get some dirt on Fisk. There’s another touching scene between Foggy and Matt where the two make peace after their previous argument. Foggy comes to terms with Matt’s vigilante ways and starts to support him. The only issue is that he discourages Matt from confronting Fisk under the mask due to his previous injuries. He wants to fix the city, but it appears that he also wants to keep his friend from getting killed in the process. Love him or hate him, Foggy seems to have a good head on his shoulders and knows what’s best for Matt.

Even though this episode was entitled “Daredevil”, I felt like Fisk deserved just as much credit. Maybe it should’ve been called “Daredevil vs. Kingpin”. Fisk finally discovers that Leland was the man responsible for nearly killing Vanessa through poisoning. Fisk attempts to strangle him, and Leland uses his trusty tazer in self-defense. The problem is that the tazer has little effect on the massive crime boss, and in a fit of rage, Fisk chucks Leland down an elevator shaft.

Let’s dissect this for a moment. Fisk was more angry that Leland tried to kill the woman he loves than the fact that he betrayed him and attempted to sweep it under the rug. We’ve known for a while that you don’t mess with the Kingpin when it comes to his love life. He beheaded a man simply because he interrupted a date. You try to kill his wife, and you might as well be standing in your own grave. My only gripe is that throwing Leland down the elevator seemed like too light of a punishment. I thought Fisk would tear his arms off or something along those lines. Leland got off lucky if you ask me.

The last twenty minutes or so of the episode is when things start going all sorts of crazy as Fisk and all his dirty cohorts are caught by the police. I was impressed at how, even when he was about to be taken away in handcuffs, Fisk still proposes to Vanessa. If this doesn’t prove that she was number-one in his life, then I don’t know what will. It’s wild how much they developed both of these characters into such unique villains within this one season. I loved every minute of it.

As Fisk is being transported to prison, his personal army busts him out, allowing him to escape so he can meet up with Vanessa. Who can possibly stop him? None other than Matt Murdock! But before going after him, Matt goes back to Melvin Potter’s place to pick up his new suit/armor. After 13 episodes, we finally get to see the iconic costume! It took long enough! But we still have to get to the part where we hear that special name that begins with “D”.

The final showdown between Fisk and Matt is unbelievable. I knew that there would have to be one big confrontation to close off the season, and it was so satisfying to finally watch it. Every hit, every punch, and every growl all lead to such an outstanding fight sequence. There’s a particular shot where Matt gets back up and goes into a boxing stance. Prior to this, he was fighting in his usual martial arts form. I think this brief shot was meant to demonstrate him changing up his fighting method to accommodate Fisk’s brutish yet effective style. While I don’t think this version of Fisk was meant to be extremely athletic or trained in fighting like his comic book counterpart, he held his own against Matt for an impressive amount of time.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 4.07.57 PM

It’s not until the final few minutes that we finally hear Daredevil and Kingpin get their iconic names. I was slightly frustrated that it took so long for this to happen, but I’m happy all the same. I also enjoyed how open-ended the conclusion was, meaning that there is so much more that can happen in the future. It looks like Marvel Studios was feeling the same way, which is why they confirmed a second season in the works. I just hope that the next season of Daredevil is as epic and satisfying as this first one, and that we get to see more excellent characters, well-choreographed fight scenes, and remarkable story-telling.

Final Grade: A

+ The ending fight scene was beyond awesome.

+ We finally got to see the costume and hear the names!

+ Everyone’s acting was supreme in this episode.

– A little frustrating that we didn’t see the iconic red suit or hear the name “Daredevil” until the very end of the episode.

– Not entirely a negative, but I expected a post-credit scene.

Extra Thoughts:

– The show has been confirmed for a second season! I’m hoping we get more familiar characters like Bullseye and Elektra in the future.

Was “Daredevil” a proper finale to this season? What do you hope to see in the future seasons? Tell us in the comments or on  Twitter!

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