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REVIEW: Game of Thrones 5×06 “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”

Nah, it’s cool. I mean it’s not like I didn’t already want a lot of those people dead, it’s just now we have an excellent reason for that motivation. “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken” was an interesting episode to watch as it really served as a good amount of rising action towards a lot of various plot lines. You have Arya learning one of the true purposes of the House of Black and White, you have Sansa learning just how deeply screwed up her entire situation is, the royal family being questioned. Just a ton of hopefully satisfying material that hopes to move the plot of season five forward. Pacing is key in anything but for Game of Thrones it is absolutely vital in order for the series to not feel disjointed or out of place. With so many narratives happening at a given moment it is easy for us to get lost in the boring ones and forget the larger plot.

First thing is first, that was super screwed up. I mean sexual intercourse is not out of the normal for the show, but I can’t remember the last time someone was raped on camera. For Sansa to not only be the victim but for Theon to be forced to watch is really one of the darkest things that the show has done and really elevated Ramsay beyond his normal monstrous ways. Ramsay has Theon dancing in the palm of his hand and this is all about making people suffer in unimaginable ways. I can’t imagine that Littlefinger agreed to this if he has been told about the Bolton’s plans and if he has what reason does he have for doing this to Sanasa. I mean Littlefinger’s prime directive has been to consolidate power and to protect her, so if he allowed this to happen in any way in a clear breach of his code of ethics, no matter how tiny it may be. More than anything I want to see how Sansa will strike back as she is one of the most patient people in the show, and Ramsay has had it a long time coming.

While one Stark was suffering another was in the process of finally finding out about her destiny. I love that Jaqen, even though most likely he is not our Jaqen, is making himself Arya’s guide through the world of the Faceless Men. He understands full well that as long as Arya has her list and her name she can never truly be what he is, but she can at least be some form of weapon for the Faceless Men. I do find Arya’s anger toward the girl slightly odd as she believes that a group that specializes in camouflage and not holding a connection to one’s own identity should be a truthful family. They are literally a group of highly skilled assassins that can become anyone, why on earth would they give a shit about creating a relationship with one another? Hopefully this will all lead towards Arya killing some people.

Speaking of reckless murder and having a cult like following, High Sparrow managed to cause some major damage to House Tyrell by imprisoning Margaery and Loras for their heresy and lies. I have to admit, I did get a small amount of joy out seeing the conniving Margaery taken away in chains as she has constantly flaunted her power to great effect. Now that she, and by extension House Tyrell have been severely crippled in the game I can’t wait to see all the retaliation towards High Sparrow and Cersei considering the fact Margaery is the “peoples” queen. I also was excited to actually see Loras angry at both his family and the man he had shared his bed with. Everyone had treated him like a freak with the exception of Renly, so now that he is seemingly out in the open and the cold it will be fun to watch Loras adapt to the situation around him.

Lastly do we really even care about what is happening in Dorne? I mean I know we are supposed to like and care fro Jaime and Bronn because they are awesome but this plot is just so dull and I don’t care who lives or dies. The only good element to come out of this entire trip is that we are seeing more unique weapons than your usual sword. I don’t care what happens but we really just need to get out of Dorne as fast as humanly possible because for the place that birthed Oberyn, its really boring.

Overall an ok episode.

Final Grade C+

+Arya learning the partial truth

+The scene at the end

+Tyrell’s in prison

-Dorne is boring as all hell

-Arya believing the Faceless Men have honor

Extra Thoughts

-Jorah and Tyrion are going to enter mortal combat. I’m cool with that.

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