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REVIEW: The Flash 1×22 “Rogue Air”

Dear The Flash, stop being so consistently satisfying it really makes it hard to review other shows when I get awesome every week. “Rogue Air” certainly saved it’s best for last, but that does not mean we were forced to suffer through a boring or out of place episode. Instead, much like last week, we were given set up for a possible opponent in Captain Cold and The Rogues, and once again Cold managed to prove just how valid a threat he truly is to Barry. However, whats a good penultimate without a ticking clock, which in this case took the form of the particle accelerator powering back up and Thawne coming to confront our hero. All of this way just setup for the main event and I am positive the ramifications of this will be felt not only on The Flash, but every other DC CW show.

So let’s focus on the main plot because despite the ending, we had a damn fine main line to follow through on. Watching Barry try to be something he is not was enjoyable for multiple reasons, but mainly it is always great to see Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold be the smug genius that he is. Barry trying to push himself because he knew that they metas deserved to live despite their crimes was an interesting take, but I knew it would not hold for one fundamental reason, Barry is not Ollie. Barry is by nature a good person who knows the limits of right and wrong where as Ollie can operate in areas of gray if he must. For Barry to be desperate enough to ask Snart for help is a strong moment for his character because even though Barry wants to see the good in everyone, some people are just to far gone.

Miller continues to excel as Snart nailing the right mixture of arrogance and brilliance as he plays Barry like a fiddle in order to achieve multiple goals. It is amazing that this show has been able to build up multiple compelling and worthy foils for Barry to battle with, but this week was an exception. Barry in the end had no real power or leverage over Snart as he did not postpone payment and instead was easily double crossed by the lead Rogue. Barry is a smart person, but for him to not consider Snart would possible double cross him was one of Barry’s most reckless moves of the entire season. Where Thawne is a psychopathic loner, Snart is all about having control over a situation and making sure that no matter what he will always have a piece to play against Barry. That is what makes his decision to let The Rogues run wild so great, because no matter what happens Snart knows he has an advantage over Barry now that he has a clean slate and willing allies.

I felt the prison break was especially well done as it allowed all of the metas to have their moment of triumph over Barry’s team. I loved that Weather Wizard took control of the situation and had Mist and Deathbolt be thorough distractions for their escape. I also enjoyed that certain metas knew when to peace in order to maintain their freedom. It is easy to see that Mardon and Bivalo earned some of Snart’s respect so I am sure we will be seeing them again in the future, and hopefully with some slightly extended power sets.

What didn’t manage to work this week was the rescue of Eddie and the subsequent emotional material that followed once Eddie was freed. There is a limit to how much self sabotage one character can take and Eddie just keeps digging himself a hole that he is seemingly never going to be able to get out of. I understand that Eddie is an honest person and wanted to tell Iris about the newspaper, but that does not mean he should simply give up on fighting for her. It is strange that Iris is seemingly becoming more and more sensible as time moves on and yet Eddie is seemingly dooming himself to helping create Thawne. I did however have an issue with Iris not telling the team this information despite them already knowing this information. It just felt like everyone was giving up far to easily despite the shows whole theme of fighting destiny.

Now for the main event, that sweet sweet mini league team up with Barry, Ollie, and Ronnie going up against Eobard. I was a little frustrated that in only lasted a couple of minutes but is was satisfying enough to see the League finally get their moment in the sun vs the Reverse Flash. I loved that Ollie had upgraded his game since going against Barry to include anti-speedforce arrows and an increased dose of the tranquilizer he had perviously used. I also enjoyed the quick Barry vs Eobard speed fight we got as it was cool to see Barry gain a slight advantage over his most dangerous enemy and it shows just how much Barry has improved since their fight on christmas. The only member of the team who got slightly shafted was Ronnie who was seemingly out of his element despite being one of the more powerful members of the trio. Although he did land the final blow I was hoping for a little more out of the Nuclear Man than a simple fireball one shot. Still a great opening to what is likely to come in the big team up show.

Overall it was another strong outing for the Scarlet Speedster and the finale should be just as fun.

Final Grade B+

+The mini League showdown with Reverse Flash

+Snart having Barry in the palm of his hand

+Glider was fun

+The Rogues are assembling

-Barry being stupid and giving Snart what he wanted first

-Eddie refusing to fight the future

-League vs Thawne fight was really short

Extra Thoughts

-So Ferris Air has been shut down for a year because one of their pilots has gone missing. Hal just is having way to much fun on Oa I guess.

-Cisco trying to not be awkwardly attracted to Glider was gold. I love their dynamic

-Weirdly, Heat Wave was absent. I guess he is the least controllable out of Snart’s team.

-Somehow Barry is able to get a plane from Lyla, but not an escort. That seemed super weird.

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