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2014-15 TV AWARDS: Best New Series

The 2014-15 season of TV was a landmark one for superhero TV shows! To celebrate, AP2HYC is hosting its first annual TV Awards. Make sure you vote for your favorites at the end of each article and keep checking back to see who wins!

It was hard to keep track of all the shows that were released for the 2014-2015 season, mainly because there were so many new ones introduced. Almost every night of the week, you could find something to tune into, no matter if you were a fan of Marvel, DC, or just the crime/drama genre. Take a look at our list below of the candidates for best new series.

Featuring contributions from writers: Ryan Fitzmartin, Jason Wong, Eric Dodds, Kathleen McEneaney, Brian Corliss

1. Agent Carter


Featuring a leading female, Agent Carter is a pretty darn unique show, both for comic shows and television in general. Starring Hayley Atwell as the lead covert operative, Agent Carter is both fun and serious. The show deals with sexism in the workplace, but isn’t above a fun action sequence now and then. Agent Carter has a superb supporting cast of enemies and allies, and one of Marvel’s best villains in Dottie Underwood. Agent Carter is a show that mixes war paranoia with a nice ‘50s sci-­fi bent. These various elements come together under a confident lead to make a show that is both heartfelt and sincere, and absolutely worth watching.

2. Daredevil


Flushing Ben Affleck clear out of our minds already deserves the title of “Best New Series,” right?  Daredevil on Netflix goes deeper than that as a dark, gritty, but grounded superhero story rooted in human relationships supported by amazing performances from the leads Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio, supporters Deborah Ann Woll and Rosario Dawson, and several others too numerous to name. The close-up shots that were so intimate we breathed the same air also lent us comfort in a world intentionally photographed with blacks so deep they made us feel as blind as Matt Murdock. Every aspect – the acting, writing, cinematography, sound editing, fight choreography, wardrobe, set design, and probably even the catering – were each exceptional in their own way. Combined, the show quality was so high that the new season of Game of Thrones no longer held us in any thrall. Not like this; not like Daredevil.

3. The Flash


The Flash is a show that has completely restored one thing to the DC Universe that it has been missing for years: fun. This a show that hooks you in from the beginning. You meet Barry Allen, who is incredibly likeable, and you see his journey into becoming this legendary hero that we all know and love. It’s got great humor, great action, but most of all, it’s is a show with a lot of heart and knows when to play its emotions at the right time to really keep its audience hooked from episode to episode.

4. Gotham


Gotham is an interesting mix of combinations; recognizable characters and new ones, familiar backstories, and original plots. Even the overall feel of the show is a mix. Gotham has the grit of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, but every once-in-a-while interjects the zany, humorous qualities of the Adam West television show. It was fascinating to see the development of backstories for familiar characters, but the show always made sure to balance these out with compelling story lines for the current time line of the show as well. Gotham knows how to give fan service, but not go overboard, making it an enjoyable show for the comic veteran and newcomer alike.

5. Powers


Powers is a terrific new series that provides a real­-world, R­-Rated meld of superhero show and cop drama. Powers is truly mature in every sense of the word, and provides a real adult alternative for comic television fans. With taut direction from major filmmakers like David Slade, and great writing, Powers is a highly engaging and complex show unlike anything else in the world of comic adaptations. Sharlto Copley makes for a very compelling lead on a show filled with creativity. Powers pushes the boundaries of the genre stronger than any other show. If you are a comic fan who thinks they’ve seen it all, Powers will prove otherwise.


6. iZombie

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 6.32.44 AM

Based loosely on the characters created by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, iZombie is the newest gear in the steamroller that is the CW, and it is also the least like what the channel has for heavy-hitting programs. iZombie, at its simplest, is a supernatural buddy-cop dramedy. It is light-hearted and crammed with one-liners, as well as being extremely meta, up-to-date even with news headlines or quotes from last year. The writers are clearly nerdy and have lived lives submerged in comics, video games, new-age music, and general geekdom. Writing is what makes this show stand out from the mediocre; it has sharp wit with consistently enjoyable one-shot-plot episodes, and a slow burning arc that goes across the season in a crescendo of intensity and excitement. The chemistry between all the characters is palpable, credited to the cast and proper direction. I had initial interest in the show, and more than anything, just wanted it to be okay, but the show has more than exceeded my expectations and that, as a television lover, makes me happy. Rejoice, for it has already been picked up for a second season!

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Best New Series of 2014-15

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