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2014-15 TV AWARDS: Best “Oh, no they didn’t!” Moment

The 2014-15 season of TV was a landmark one for superhero TV shows! To celebrate, AP2HYC is hosting its first annual TV Awards. Make sure you vote for your favorites at the end of each article and keep checking back to see who wins!

Some shows are notorious for their vast amounts of “wtf” moments (I’m looking at you, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones). Sometimes, these moments are executed perfectly, and leave you craving to see more. Other times, they make you crawl up into a little ball and cause you to re-evaluate your life while cursing the names of everyone involved with the production crew. This past season of television had plenty of instances where viewers were caught completely by surprise, but which ones were the best? Check out our nominees of the top “Oh, no they didn’t!” moments of 2014-2015.

Featuring contributions from writers: Ryan Fitzmartin, Eric Dodds, Kathleen McEneaney, Brian Corliss, Scott Swartz, Alex Reale


1. Ben Urich’s Death – Daredevil


At the end of penultimate episode of Daredevil, veteran newspaper reporter Ben Urich has been fired. He returns to his apartment, takes a hard drink of liquor, and prepares to write his swan song. Urch is confronted and violently murdered by crime kingpin Wilson Fisk. The murder caps off a terrific scene that featured amazing acting between Vondie Curtis ­Hall and Vincent D’Onofrio, beautiful directing by British TV vet Euros Lyn, and poignant writing by Douglas Petrie. A terrifying sense of doom hangs over the scene. Ben Urich is a beloved and wonderfully wise character. There is a sense of profound fear instilled in the viewer, with the growing sense that there will be no mercy from Wilson Fisk. From the second Fisk shows up in the room, Urich’s fate is sealed. But due to incredible filmmaking, the viewer hopes, prays, and begs that Urich will live. The subsequent violence is the one of the most shocking, powerful, and deeply sad scenes on television all year.


2. Eobard Thawne Reveals His Identity – The Flash


This was something that had me from that first moment we saw Dr. Wells that convinced me he was The Man in Yellow, or the Reverse-Flash as he becomes to be known. Finally, when the pieces all come together, it’s still a surprise. You can’t believe that this man who murdered Nora Allen and who wants nothing but the Flash to be destroyed, is the same man who made the Flash what he is. Wells kept me on my toes the whole season, and it was a fantastic payoff when he unveils his true self. How is it that someone who appeared to be so benevolent could actually be a sadistic psychopath?


3. Ra’s al Ghul Stabs Oliver – Arrow


Talk about a shock ending that nobody saw coming! I mean, come on, this is Oliver Queen losing, and not just losing, but what appeared to be the main character dying. I don’t think a single person could say this didn’t catch them off guard and caused them to immediately scream at the TV in agony as our lead hero was killed before our very eyes, leaving us to wonder what was going to happen next. The hardest part about all this was that it took place right before winter break. We had to wait a grueling couple of weeks before the big mystery was finally solved. During that time, many rumors arose regarding whether Oliver was gone for good or if he was going to come back by scientific or mystical means (Lazarus Pit, anyone?) That’s how you know a show pulled off a great “wtf?” moment. When we found out how he survived the stabbing and his supposed death, we were still blown away by this jarring scene. To this day, it’s difficult trying to watch the fatal battle between Ra’s and Oliver and seeing that blade strike.


4. Simmons Absorbed By The Kree Monolith – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Everything seemed to finally be going well at the end of the season finale of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. While there were still imminent threats and issues, things were returning to some semblance of balance. Then, wham, the show pulls the rug out from the audience once again. Simmons appeared to be on the road to repairing her relationship with Fitz and even had a potential date when suddenly she was sucked into the mysterious Kree monolith. While we know it is a weapon meant to be used against the Inhumans, we have no idea of its effect on human beings. How is Simmons? Where is Simmons? When is Simmons? The audience is left in the dark and it does not look like an easy fix for the team in Season 3.


5. Barry Doesn’t Save His Mom – The Flash


Second chances rarely come to our heroes, and often those failures spur our heroes on to define their own identity. Hence, when Barry is finally given the chance to possibly save his mother, he takes it, realizing the repercussions it will have. Luckily for us, Future-Barry waved him off like some sort of beautiful messiah knowing full well that Flashpoint would be the end result of our hero saving his mother. It was beautiful and heartbreaking as Barry was once again forced to say goodbye to his mother. It set the limits of how far Barry was willing to go in order to save his mother, and the fact that he finally understood all of the potential ramifications made the scene all the more engrossing.


6. Skye’s Lineage Revealed – Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Skye has a father figure in Agent Coulson, which is both a metaphor and a fairly accurate description of their personal and professional relationship. However, we all know, Coulson is NOT the father. The second season revealed that Cal, played by Kyle MacLachlan, is actually Skye’s father. We also learn that Skye’s real name is Daisy Johnson and that she is in fact the heroine Quake. In the midseason finale, we got our first glimpse at her seismic powers, along with the depressingly drawn out scene of Tripp’s death. With knowledge of the comics, we know that Skye and her father will fundamentally stand on opposite sides thanks to Skye’s unwavering allegiance to S.H.I.E.L.D. But Cal presents a new normality for Skye she hasn’t experienced before, and the scenes they share are beautiful. The dinner they have together where she finds out her age stands out as an emotion gut-check, which in the final episode, receives a call-back during that last, heart-wrenching goodbye between father and daughter.

7. Foggy Discovers Matt’s Identity – Daredevil

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.54.04 AM

Of all the twists and turns in Netflix’s Daredevil, I think this one stuck out the most. It’s certainly established in the comics that at some point Foggy finds out that Matt is Daredevil, but it’s generally much, much later in his career. Having Foggy find out so early on was a huge twist, and I’m sure no one saw it coming. Personally, I was floored by this. How could the writers put this moment in so early on? Surely they’d want Matt to have actually become Daredevil before having someone else find out he’s Daredevil. But the twist had a major emotional impact on the story, and shines a spotlight on Foggy and Matt’s relationship, leading to some great character development. Foggy obviously feels betrayed, what with Matt having been lying to him for years and all. For a moment, it seems like he may never get over it, and I’m still not convinced all is forgiven.

8. Joker’s Cameo – Gotham


People are pissed about the way Gotham changed DC lore. I say get over it. I don’t mind them taking an alternate route with certain heroes and villains. One of the biggest twists for me this year was seeing the big reveal of the Gotham-verse’s Joker. Throughout the time of DC comics, the Joker has always had a mysterious past. The most popular backstory we’ve gotten about him was that he was a failed-comedian-turned-psychopath after an incident with a chemical vat. In Gotham, we discover the Joker as a sadistic little brat in suspenders. Just seeing that one shot of him looking up with murder in his eyes as he gives a creepy cackle is enough to give me chills. I’m most anxious to see this kid confront the young Bruce Wayne. Maybe we’ll get to watch an episode dedicated to them meeting each other and possibly kicking off their animosity in their youth.

9. The Batcave’s Reveal – Gotham

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.56.12 AM

For the most part, Gotham’s first season had a semi-anticlimactic ending. However, the last few minutes when Alfred and Bruce discover a secret room under their home was probably the best part of the entire season. What else could it be besides the Batcave, the Dark Knight’s base of operations? For the DC fanboys who have been raging about how Gotham is “destroying DC tradition”, this may have been yet another kick in the gut. How can the Batcave exist before there is a Batman? I say that that’s the beauty of Gotham. We don’t know what will happen. Maybe Thomas Wayne had plans of vigilantism prior to his death? Maybe the supposed Batcave is nothing but a panic room for the Waynes in case of an emergency? Whatever direction they take, it’s better than seeing the same damn thing we’ve seen over and over like we have in countless comics, cartoons, and movies. I’m excited to see how this surprise reveal pans out in future seasons.

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Best "Oh, no they didn't!" Moment of 2014-15

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