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2014-15 TV AWARDS: Biggest Bad (Best Villain)

The 2014-15 season of TV was a landmark one for superhero TV shows! To celebrate, AP2HYC is hosting its first annual TV Awards. Make sure you vote for your favorites at the end of each article and keep checking back to see who wins!

Every hero needs a villain, but not just any ordinary villain. A true enemy is complex, powerful, and usually the polar opposite of the hero. For every yin, there’s a yang. We’ve witnessed some truly remarkable villains in 2014-2015, but which one was the best in terms of storyline, acting, and challenge? Check out our nominees for best villain.

Featuring contributions from writers: Ryan Fitzmartin, Alex Reale, Jason Wong, Kathleen McEneaney, Scott Swartz, Brian Corliss

1. Dottie Underwood – Agent Carter


Dottie Underwood is Beauty. Dottie Underwood is Grace. Dottie Underwood will kick you in your face. Dottie is everything you want in a comic book baddie. She’s vicious, she’s smart, she’s skilled, and she’s creepy as hell. Dottie Underwood is a violent and dangerous Russian super­spy hiding under the exterior of an All­-American Girl from Iowa. Dottie Underwood is the kind of lady who’ll kill someone, hide the body under her bed, and cheerfully go out for dinner. Bridget Regan convincingly portrays Dottie on so many levels it is hard to keep track. Regan balances the innocent exterior with the vicious truth perfectly. Few Marvel Cinematic Universe villains are engaging, with only Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Hugo Weaving’s Red Skull being as fun to watch. Dottie Underwood is a terrific baddie who hits all the right notes. She is the perfect adversary for Peggy Carter. Did I mention that she handcuffs herself to bed at night? So creepy!


2. Reverse Flash – The Flash


Throughout the entire season of The Flash, I constantly questioned Harrison Wells’s motive. You’d think we’d realize he was the Reverse Flash right from the get-go, right? Nope. I still had my doubts, considering how much he was helping Barry, and due to his likability. I think THAT is what makes Reverse Flash/Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne, such an outstanding villain. Barry is extremely hesitant to call him out for being a bad guy because of that likability. Even as a viewer, I liked the guy a lot! The moment before he killed Cisco and said he thought of him as a son? Incredibly touching, but at the same time disturbing when you realize that the man just exploded his “son’s” heart. I absolutely loved Reverse Flash as a villain, and Tom Cavanagh nailed the part perfectly. I can’t wait to see him now portray the REAL Harrison Wells in the upcoming season.


3. Wilson Fisk – Daredevil


Reviews of Daredevil almost universally credit Vincent D’Onofrio’s passionately played Wilson Fisk as the show-stealer deservedly. While designed to look like a bald silverback gorilla in a suit, Fisk’s mental acumen far surpassed his inflated physical stature. He may decapitate Russian mobsters with car doors using only brute strength, but it was when Fisk preemptively showed up just as Ben Ulrich started writing the exposé that showed what an unconventionally strategic and overwhelmingly formidable a villain we had in this Kingpin. Fisk even stayed steps ahead of his own allies hiding his educated fluency in their native languages, and it’s hard not to sympathize when he only ever personally murdered anyone when it involved his mother or his lover. Barbaric yet stoic, tyrannical yet awkward, cunning yet loving, these many sides of Wilson Fisk is what made him the best, most well-rounded villain this year.


4. Oswald Cobblepot – Gotham


Audiences have a soft spot for self-made men, and there is a certain enjoyment in watching a villain that loves to be bad. Oswald Cobblepot is the perfect combination of these character types. Cobblepot starts from the ground up in the crime business. He makes mistakes in the beginning, but he is a fast learner and uses his knowledge to rise quickly through the ranks of the crime world to gain power and make a name for himself. But what makes Cobblepot so fun to watch is that he takes such joy in being the bad guy. He knows what he wants and how to get it; he is going to make sure that he is the bad guy in charge.


5. Ra’s al Ghul – Arrow


Say what you will about this season of Arrow, but if ever there were a bright shining moment, it would be in Matt Nable’s portrayal of Ra’s Al Ghul. Ra’s may not have gotten much screen time, but damn if he wasn’t imposing in every scene. He made Oliver quake in fear, Merlyn literally run away like a little bitch at the mention of his name, Nyssa bow down in respect/horror, and still managed to be suave as all hell doing it. Add on the fact that he could monologue for days and still make it look so good that you just have to stand up and cheer for the baddie. I loved how in-control Ra’s was as a villain, and even the challenges and betrayals he faced were expected in some form or another. That is proper planning, my friends. Also, side point: he managed to control Mase-bro and be a wingman to Ollie. That is style points in spades.

6. Blaine DeBeers – iZombie


Villains are characters under the most high-powered microscopes. Villains have to be interesting, effective, and profoundly malevolent; however, their motives have to be earnest. Physical violence can inflict distaste for an individual, but hatred of a villain takes finesse and style. Blaine Debeers is charming, smart, and manipulative; a disease, infecting one person who infects another and on from there. A bit of a sociopath since he was turned, he’s more of an entrepreneur than he is an apocalyptic horror. Liv and Blaine almost seem to get along–through a specifically unique characteristic. Providing craft services to those who he has directly or indirectly polluted, he’s built a loyal following of wealthy customers, in turn making him wealthy, as well as a strong group of minions to do his bidding. Hardly is he seen killing on screen, and we know he’s evil, but dammit Blaine is cool and cheeky thanks to the charisma of David Anders. When he’s not on screen, I want him to succeed, and when he is, I want to see his plan work, but then he holds a drill to a (former) customer’s skull and I’m reminded that I shouldn’t like him.

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Best Villain of 2014-15

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