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4 Ways Marvel Can Keep Momentum On The Small Screen

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows, it’s steadily encroaching on a turf once dominated by DC. Sure there were some missteps along the way (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1), but since then, Marvel has answered critics with the widely popular Agent Carter and Daredevil. Here is what I hope for to keep the Marvel gravy train rolling.

4. Bring. Back. Blade.

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It’s a simple request/fan demand. After two botched attempts we all secretly enjoyed, Blade is a perfect fit for the Netflix realm. Think about the success Daredevil has had targeting an older audience considering the Ben Affleck-shaped mole on its back. Now as more material is pitched for an ongoing series founded in realism and maturity, the big-wigs over at Marvel can cash in on the current trend by reintroducing Marvel’s own O.G. into the mix of binge-worthy shows. It’s considerably possible as Marvel has acquired the rights to Blade, and Wesley Snipes sets to make a post-tax evasion comeback that The Expendables 3 couldn’t promise.

3. Punish Us No More


Frank Castle has a worse track record than the Rangers at the World Series. Thrice we saw the Punisher shoot first and ask questions later, and after 3 different actors, we still don’t have the right answer. As another fresh piece of reacquired property, I would have enjoyed a small budget, back-to-basics film fit for an art house release. I imagined it like a Pulp Fiction meets The Raid piece with a mature, under-the-radar actor like Jon Hamm at the center, but a Netflix original would be the next best option. Fans will appreciate the mature rating as Big Pun can lay to rest as many disposable henchmen without bombing on a Friday night. A short and sweet 8-episode crime drama will be ideal as it’ll keep our trigger itchy fingers hooked for more.

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