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6 Villains We’d Like to See on Gotham Season 2

Ahhhhh, Gotham. You either love it, or you absolutely despise it. Personally, I think it’s a decent show with a great first season. If you disagree with that, so be it. We’re still getting that second season next fall, and there’s not much you can do about it, so you might as well just sit back and enjoy the ride.

One of the biggest reasons most people hated the first season was because too many DC villains were introduced before Bruce Wayne became Batman. According to some irate fans, all the “good” villains were used up, and there weren’t any left for the rest of the show. Really? All of Batman’s decent villains are gone already? Is that a joke? The Dark Knight’s rogue gallery is filled to the brim with potential baddies, and the first season hasn’t even scratched the surface of DC’s villain line-up. Here are just six additional villains we want to see in the next season of Gotham.

6. Lock-Up


I’m throwing a nice, slow pitch here with the first villain: Lyle Bolton aka Lock-Up. You’ll likely recognize this notorious baddie from the classic Batman: The Animated Series. A former security chief at Wayne Enterprises, Bolton was entrusted by Bruce Wayne to watch over Arkham Asylum. However, Bruce and others didn’t realize that Bolton was not afraid to use excessive force when handling his prisoners. His methods were so lethal that Scarecrow himself, the man who thrives on other people’s fears, escaped Arkham to get away from his ruthless clutches.

Though Arkham was left behind earlier in the first season of Gotham, I think it’s very possible for the show to revisit the iconic setting. Remember how Gordon was reassigned to Arkham briefly in the middle of the season? Now that he’s gone, what if they decided to send in Bolton to maintain the peace and restore order? His appearance could further explore just how corrupt the law officials in the show have become. Even a small cameo of him beating on some prisoner would be appreciated. I also wouldn’t mind seeing Gordon get into a little scuffle with Lock-Up in an episode.

5. Solomon Grundy


Solomon Grundy,

Born on a Monday,

Come on, we all know the rhyme, just like we all know the iconic Batman villain who adopted his moniker from said poem. Solomon Grundy would definitely push the barrier of realism on Gotham, which has worked so hard to avoid the supernatural and heavy science-fiction thus far. It’s also worth noting that Grundy was a big bad on Arrow not too long ago. But you need to remember that the Dollmaker has made appearances on both Gotham and Arrow as well, so there’s no restrictions on double-dipping in the DC TV universe. That being said, why can’t Solomon Grundy make some sort of appearance on Gotham?

I’ll admit that he can’t come in as a straight-up zombie. What if there’s a poison or a weird formula that mutates him? He could be a thuggish low-life wandering around the city until he’s subjected to a weird chemical that transforms him into the behemoth we know from the comics. It’ll be a little hard to see how Gordon will take this monstrosity down, even with Bullock’s help. But that’s what makes most superhero shows so awesome: the hero rising to the challenge. I’d like to see Gordon have to find a new way to defeat such a powerful foe. Maybe this will be the first time he turns to Bruce Wayne for help?

Speaking of powerful foes…

4. Bane


A few weeks ago, we here at AP2HYC.com had a debate regarding Gotham and its handling of villains. During the debate, a scenario was mentioned where Bruce goes to watch a Mexican wrestling match and catches his first glimpse of a luchador going by the title “Bane”. Is that so farfetched? For a realistic show like Gotham, that may be the wisest way to introduce one of Batman’s greatest enemies.

Another option for bringing in Bane would tie back into the earlier episodes of the first season. We actually got to see the Venom formula in action. The moment I heard the name of the formula, I knew that it was a reference to Bane, but I was slightly disappointed to see the lack of this villain for the rest of the season. How about in 2015/2016, the venom comes back and finds its way into the hands of the aforementioned luchador who wants to boost his strength to win at matches? Boom. Bane comes to Gotham. Although, it might be a little disturbing to watch Bane break tiny Bruce Wayne’s back over his knee. Maybe they’ll hold off on that until the fifth season…

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