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Age of MCU: Top 6 After-Credit Scenes Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe

If there’s one thing that Marvel Studios is known for, it’s their after-credit scenes. Every single movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe features at least one scene in the middle or after the credits that is meant to foreshadow or hint at future films. Sometimes, these scenes are worth getting excited over, and other times, they just leave you sitting there with your empty popcorn bucket and wondering what exactly you’re doing with your life that made you stay an extra 10 minutes after a movie ended to watch the credits. Either way, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a few memorable after-credit scenes that made the wait all worth it. Here are our top six picks.

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

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Unfortunately, I had the after-credit scene to Guardians of the Galaxy spoiled for me prior to going to the theater. However, I still stuck around to watch it with my own eyes, and I’m glad I did. Even though I hated Howard the Duck and felt like it was a waste of film, I’m giving this scene credit because of one small detail in the background: Adam Warlock‘s cocoon. James Gunn confirmed that the cocoon in the Collector’s museum belonged to Warlock, and after the explosion, the cocoon seems to have been burst open, which means that Adam is somewhere out there. This after-credit scene strongly hints that we may end up seeing this epic character sometime in the near future. In fact, I think he should become part of the Avengers, especially if they want to stand a chance against Thanos. The image of his open cocoon may hint at this possibility.


5. Thor: The Dark World


I was never a huge Thor fan, both of the movies and the comics. Personally, I think the Avengers would be better off without him. Despite all this, I’m giving Thor: The Dark World a pass for having a great after-credit scene. After everything that went on with the dark elf Malekith, Volstagg and Sif decide that the Aether cannot be kept in Asgard so close to the Tesseract. Therefore, they bring it to the Collector for safe-keeping. This is one of the first times we hear about the Infinity Stones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this event acts as a catalyst for the events in Guardians of the Galaxy and the rest of the films in the MCU. To the best of our knowledge, the Collector was in possession of the Aether during the events of Guardians of the Galaxy, but after the explosion halfway through the movie, we’re left wondering whatever happened to this Stone. It’s exciting to think about, and it sets up a potential conflict for a sequel.


4. Avengers Assemble

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It wasn’t until watching the post-credit scene to Avengers Assemble that I realized it’s difficult to understand most of these clips unless you were a big fan of the comics. The scene we were treated to in this film gave us our first glimpse at the MCU’s Thanos. Most people didn’t know who he was or what this meant to the films. It wasn’t until they saw him again in Guardians of the Galaxy that they realized, “Whoa! He must be important!”. For people who have read the comics, we knew the moment that Thanos turned around that this could only mean one thing: the Infinity Gauntlet storyline is coming to the MCU! That’s when the Internet essentially lit up with countless theories and rumors regarding the future Marvel Studios films and which direction they would take now that they have to incorporate the Infinity Stones.

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