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Ant-Man’s Place in the MCU

The July release of Marvel’s Ant-Man is garnering far less hype than last month’s premiere of Avengers: Age of Ultron.

The TV spots have been less frequent, the star-power arguably pales in comparison to that of the Whedon-directed flick, and the superhero of focus has already been initially panned by avid comic fans who have vocalized a desire to see any other character be brought to life before Ant-Man. Though still weeks away from the Ant-Man premiere, the small-scale promotion of the film seems somewhat paltry in comparison to the in-your-face presence that the Avengers have had over the past few months.

While Marvel’s seemingly uncharacteristic, low-key, promotion of the film doesn’t mean that the Peyton Reed directed Ant-Man won’t be successful, it does beg the question: How will Ant-Man gel with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

At the very least, the Ant-Man characters can be expected to pop up in other Marvel projects. Paul Rudd is already confirmed to reprise his role as Scott Lang in Captain America: Civil War, meaning that Ant-Man will most certainly have the standard domino effect that is so often seen in Marvel films. Hayley Atwell‘s IMDB credit as Peggy Carter, as well as John Slattery’s reprisal as Howard Stark, is another telling indicator that Ant-Man won’t shy away from bringing in familiar Marvel faces.

The, “It’s all connected,” motto that Marvel likes to emphasize means that, despite the uncertainty regarding Ant-Man‘s place in the MCU, the film definitely does in fact have a place. It won’t be a standalone superhero flick made for the sole purpose of raking in money. Instead, Ant-Man will likely be yet another film that is rife with Easter eggs and small details that will connect it to the larger cinematic universe.

Those already familiar with the story of Hank Pam and Scott Lang know that, in comic history, the former is a founding member of the Avengers. While the MCU did not incorporate Pym into its initial cinematic exploration of the Avengers, it is very possible that Ant-Man will serve as the bridge to bring him and his successor into Part One of 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War. As mentioned, Scott Lang will appear in Captain America: Civil War, which could be the largest indicator that Ant-Man is a superhero that will stick around long enough to become more established within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ant-Man will have the ability to set into motion much of the still unknown events that will transpire in Civil War. As the Marvel flick that is immediately preceding the third installment of Captain America’s cinematic story, Ant-Man will potentially have a great deal of sway over the route that Civil War might take. Whatever events will transpire in Reed’s cinematic contribution to Marvel will undoubtedly link Ant-Man to the MCU in some sort of capacity.

While the potential to trigger the events of the films in Marvel’s Phase Three line-up is enormous, it seems just as likely that Ant-Man will be far more similar to Guardians of the Galaxy in regards to how it fits into the overarching MCU.

Based on the trailer alone, it’s clear that Ant-Man will likely have a slightly more comedic focus, no doubt meant to provide a brief respite between the angst of Avengers: Age of Ultron and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, scheduled for a May 2016 release. Guardians of the Galaxy provided a similar comedic breather, sandwiched between Captain America: The Winter Soldier and the aforementioned Age of Ultron.

It seems that Marvel itself is trying to cement the idea of Paul Rudd serving as this year’s Chris Pratt, considering the, “FROM THE STUDIO THAT BROUGHT YOU GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY,” that has less than subtly been affixed to the top of Ant-Man’s promotional poster.

Despite the size of its titular hero, it is still uncertain as to whether or not Ant-Man will actually manage to fit into the already tight Marvel Cinematic Universe. Though there are clear ties between the film and Marvel’s Phase Three line-up, until the story plays out on screen, it remains debatable as to whether Ant-Man can be cohesive with the rest of the MCU, and live up to the success of its Marvel predecessors.

Will Ant-Man seamlessly gel into the MCU, or is it doomed to be squished under the feet of Marvel’s bigger name films? Sound off with your opinion in the comments below or Twitter and let us know if you think Ant-Man will get lost in the sea of Marvel superheroes!

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  • I think the departure of Edgar Wright has damaged Ant Man. A Marvel movie directed by the guy who brought us Shaun of the Dead and Scott Pilgrim was such an interesting proposition, audiences would have gone to see it just for that. But when he left it became just another MCU film about a fairly unknown (at least in the mainstream) character who, let’s face it, comes across as a bit lame (he can shrink, good one). I’m not saying it won’t be good, of course, but people tend to judge before they see a film. Peyton Reed has big boots to fill.