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Marvel And Netflix: Team Up!

After binging on the first season of Marvel’s Daredevil on Netflix in just two days, I have to say that not only was I incredibly satisfied, but also extremely surprised as well. The tone of Daredevil is in stark contrast to Marvel’s film offerings with its dark and gritty subject matter, yet it fits into the overarching cinematic universe very well. Jeph Loeb’s involvement is welcomed, as he produced some of my personal favorite stories in comics, often alongside the incredible Tim Sale (Daredevil Yellow, anyone?). And finally, the directing in Daredevil has been top notch. Phil Abraham’s hallway fight scene from “Cut Man” was simply breathtaking: a seven minute long, single take battle that smashed into and out of doorways in a tight hallway. Incredible. It almost reminded me of a certain long shot from Goodfellas, but with intense action and…well, Daredevil.

But aside from all this Daredevil talk, what excites me most is the fact that Marvel intends to release even more series through Netflix that will (hopefully) tie into the MCU in a profound way. One such show is Marvel’s Luke Cage. Judging by what was achieved with Daredevil, I think it’s pretty safe to say that the fans will get what they want with this next outing. According to Marvel.com, Luke Cage be played by Mike Colter, who has a strong work history in both screen and voice acting. Luke Cage is first slated to appear in A.K.A. Jessica Jones some time this year. Admittedly, I had little reaction to the casting on Daredevil (sans Vincent D’Onofrio), if only because I was not familiar with many of the other actors’ work, but Marvel definitely hit it way out of the park with that show. I think we can hope for the same with Marvel’s Luke Cage.

With all that being said, Marvel also intends to release an Iron Fist series through Netflix, which if the fight choreography from Daredevil is any indication, should be spectacular. This has me super excited since one of my favorite comic book team ups ever was Power Man/Iron Fist. Please let this happen. In fact, it will happen. I’m saying it here. Judging by what Marvel has achieved in their films thus far in the realms of continuity and faithfulness (somewhat) to source materials, there is no reason to suspect we won’t see Luke Cage and Iron Fist colliding in either one or both of those series in glorious team-up combat. What a time to be a fan.


Of course all the upcoming Netflix series are intended to converge into a Defenders mini-series. All this for the price of a Netflix subscription (and internet)? Bring it! In fact the only complaint I can muster at this time is that I finish the shows way too fast. It’s almost as if they’re too good. Maybe this will lead to a new lesson in discipline. But then again, perhaps not.

All these years reading comics, and now we finally get to see our favorites on the big and small screens. The only natural progression I can think of at this point is human beings actually developing real super powers. Hey, in this vast universe is anything truly impossible? I sure hope not.

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