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PODCAST: The Geek Chorus Episode 4

Finding a good nerd podcast is a difficult venture. Some get really technical, some are too mainstream, but some are just right. One such podcast is The Geek Chorus, made by the folks at How Do I Jump?, a general geek and gaming site. The Geek Chorus focuses on one topic per episode, examining it in a style that is very much at home at AP2HYC.

EPISODE 4: Reboots



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It’s that time again! On today’s Geek Chorus, we talk about reboots. No, not movie reboots, not TV reboots, but rather, COMIC BOOK CHARACTER reboots. When our favorite characters or classic ones from the past are given the reboot treatment and completely revitalized, some are good, some are great, and some are just plain bad. We look at the best of the best character reboots and also look at ones we’d like to see given some new life in other mediums. We also speak in old timey voices…because we can.

Imran Javed can be heard on the Jock and Nerd Podcast every week! Check it out!

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