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SEASON FINALE REVIEW: iZombie 1×13 “Blaine’s World”

iZombie‘s first season sure went out with a “bang”, eh? But for real – the season is finally over. I know I’ve been ranting and raving about how much I’ve disliked the show for the past several weeks, but it’s still sad to see it go until the Fall. It’s almost bittersweet. This finale was one of the good episodes of the season, and it ended by raising so many questions that I can hardly wait to see what happens next. That’s the mark of a good show, right? Well, overall, “Blaine’s World” kept me on my toes and entertained, even with its hectic and scrambled plot-points. (major spoilers ahead!)

The first half of the episode resolves last week’s open ending regarding Teresa’s mysterious death. In short, that prick Cameron did it because he found out Teresa was “snitching” to the cops. Oh, and something happens with him and a bag full of money and a hard drive. The whole first half of the episode was so convoluted and out-there that I found myself drifting in and out of focus. This was something that should’ve been kept to its own episode. I wanted this week to focus solely on Liv and her vendetta against Blaine. Instead, we were scrambling to keep track of who’s doing what with Max Rager.

Yes, Max Rager is back into play once again. The William Fichtner-looking CEO obviously knew that something was going on with the company’s signature energy drink. And because he’s a seedy, corrupt, corporate overlord, he finds a way to further his agenda while continuing to be an untrustworthy douche. It’s all very stock; stuff we’ve seen before countless times. Now that Blaine is kinda out of the picture, it looks like we’ve got a new enemy on our hands for Season 2.

The main point of the episode (which I think should’ve taken up the entire hour) focuses on taking out Blaine. As you recall from last week, Major was captured and locked in a freezer. Blaine relentlessly taunts him until he gives up the info on where he stashed the astronaut brains. One of Blaine’s sadistic torture methods is tricking Major into eating brain-broth, and this is where he makes his fatal flaw. Blaine wheels in a young man’s corpse to show where he got the brain. But, of course, Blaine’s bumbling minions forget to check the kid’s pockets. Major finds a lighter and cleverly breaks out of his icy prison.

This is the moment where sh*t goes down! I was literally cheering from my couch as I watched the next scene unravel. Major goes out to his car and equips himself with his illegal armory before returning to the shop and unleashing a lead storm against his enemies. He blasts people’s heads off with a shotgun, shoots a guy in the face at point-blank range, and then blows the Candyman to Hell with a well-placed grenade. All the while, a syntho-pop 80s soundtrack is blasting in the background, further enhancing the bad-assery of the scene. I was blown away by this moment, but then my good feeling was torn from my heart as Blaine knifed Major in the ribs.

Things get a little more dicey in the climax of the episode. Liv arrives at the scene and discovers the carnage. Rather than blowing Blaine’s brains out (say that five times fast), Liv instead INJECTS HIM WITH THE LIMITED CURE FOR ZOMBIE-ISM. Okay, to give her a little bit of credit, Ravi said it hadn’t been tested on humans yet, so Liv was using Blaine as a guinea pig. BUT COME ON! She should’ve killed him! Then, and here’s the kicker, she automatically assumes it worked for Blaine, so she gives the rest of the serum to Major (she briefly zombified him to save his life – it’s touching, in a morbid sort of way). Liv totally cares about Major, but she’s still going to test a vaccine with unknown side-effects on him? Get out of here.

The episode wraps up with one of the craziest cliffhangers I’ve ever witnessed; one that involves Liv’s  brother being hospitalized, and the Candyman and Lieutenant Suzuki semi-blown-up, but possibly still alive (or dead – whatever). The cliffhanger worked. It got me curious about the future. However, I think it was too much for a cliffhanger. There was a lot of stuff that I had to question. Why did Suzuki write “Blaine” on the wall in his blood? Why did he blow up the building? What were the chances that Liv’s brother would show up AT THE EXACT MINUTE Suzuki blew up the place?

iZombie may not have been my favorite show, but I give credit where credit is due. Obviously, it must be doing something right since it was renewed for a second season. I’m not anxious to see more of the show, but with that cliffhanger, I am a little curious about what direction iZombie will take come this Fall.

Final Grade: B

Final Season Grade: C

+ Watching Major go Lethal Weapon on the baddies was easily the best part of the entire season.

+ I thought the cliffhanger was done fairly well.

+ Everyone gave a decent performance, but it ultimately couldn’t save the entire season from getting an average grade.

– There was way too much going on; the episode should’ve focused on just the Liv/Blaine conflict.

– What was Lieutenant Suzuki up to with his little shtick before blowing up the shop?

Extra Thoughts:

– What happened to Peyton?


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