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Thor’s Greatest Threat: An Elevator!

“Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, or an elevator, shall possess the power of Thor.”

Joss Whedon is a brilliant writer and is no stranger to the comic book genre, having written for Astonishing X-­Men back in 2004. Most comics do what is lovingly called a RETCON, using RETroactive CONtinuity to change or undo something that was established in a previous issue (it turns out he didn’t die… that was his evil clone!). In Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Vision was able to gain the trust of his fellow Avengers by (SPOILER ALERT) picking up the hammer of Thor, because only someone who is worthy can wield it. However, in the end sequence where Cap, Thor, and Stark are walking the halls of the shiny new Avengers headquarters, Cap has a “throwaway” line that could essentially RETCON Whedon’s own established work. Cap uses his Super Soldier Serum brain to talk about the logistics of lifting Thor’s hammer by saying if you put it in an elevator it still goes up and down. Before when Stark tried to pick up the hammer at the party scene at Avengers Headquarters, he asked if the hammer was responding to Thor’s fingerprints and Thor says it only can be picked up by someone who is worthy.

But Cap’s elevator comment is still true, so oddly enough it seems like the loophole in all of this is that Thor’s hammer can be picked up by someone who’s worthy OR by something inorganic, namely the ultimate Android/elevator: Vision. This means that technically Thor’s hammer could have been picked up (oddly enough) by Ultron, or even a member of the Iron Legion. Tony wearing the Iron Man armor couldn’t pick it up, but if the Iron Man suit was remote controlled it could do it. This is a nice secondary explanation created by Whedon because if you love the Vision character you can say “hey this proves how awesome he is because Thor said it before that only those of worth can pick up the hammer!” but if you’re not a fan you can say “Well the Vision can do it because there’s no difference between Vision lifting Mjolnir and it going up and down in an elevator.”

In the comics, the Vision has a solar jewel in the middle of his forehead that shoots out beams but in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (known by most geeks as Earth­199999), it’s one of the Infinity Stones, specifically the mind gem. Could this have had a part in lifting Thor’s hammer? What about Vision’s ability to control his own density, allowing himself to be ten times denser than depleted uranium? Could this have helped in picking up Mjolnir?  How much does Thor’s hammer actually weigh? If you want a totally awesome explanation, Jake Roper from the YouTube Channel VSauce3 explains How Much Does Thor’s Hammer Weigh?


Is Jake leaving VSauce3 to rule Asgard? Say it ain’t so!

But let’s assume for a hot second that we go with the first assumption that the Vision was able to wield Thor’s hammer because he was actually worthy. Does The Vision now rule Asgard? Is he going to bring back Prima Nocta the way Stark wanted to? After all he was  programmed by Tony. Chances are Asgardians aren’t going to take orders from a synthezoid (or an elevator) but this may open the doors for lots of other loopholes.  For example, what if you picked up the hammer using a prosthetic arm? Could Will Smith’s character from I, Robot pick up Mjolnir? If so, I want to see him say “Aw, hell no” before slamming the hammer down on the ground and bringing down lightning from the sky.

Was the Vision truly worthy to pick up Thor’s hammer? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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