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Top 6 Questions for Season 2 of iZombie

It’s been a couple weeks since the finale of iZombie’s freshman season aired, and I can’t stop thinking about it. What started off as a Veronica Mars-esque Rob Thomas creation with our protagonist, Liv Moore, eating brains instead of being subjected to high school, iZombie has come a very long way. With only thirteen episodes in the first season, iZombie was able to cover a lot of ground plot-wise. However, even though characters grew into their own, and there was a nice-ish sense of resolution to the Blaine and Max Rager problems, there were many loose ends of Season 1 left hanging. There are so many questions upon questions that I want answered! However, that could take a while (and ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!). So below are six questions that linger in our minds as we wait for season two.

*Warning* If you haven’t finished watching the first season of iZombie, either finish it or let me spoil it for you..because there are about to be some spoilers…duh.


6. Will Liv go on Solving Cases?


Sure, Liv will still be down in the morgue eating death’s latest victim’s brains, but will she put her visions to use still? While the murder mystery cases were fun in the beginning, towards the middle of the season they kind of became boring and distracting from the bigger issue of Blaine creating a zombie outbreak. With so much going on plot-wise for the second season, will Liv continue to help her “partner”, Detective Babineaux, solve crimes? Plus, I think Babineaux will be a little busy himself because if I’m not mistaken, he is the new Lieutenant after zombie Lieutenant Suzuki (R.I.P.) blew himself up. Also, it seems like Babineaux is about to embark on his own character arc, as he hunts down Blaine thanks to the bloody clue Suzuki left.


5. Peyton?


While Peyton Charles wasn’t particularly interesting and didn’t even do much (in fact, they could just have not included her at all and the first season would have been pretty much the same), I can’t help but wonder what happened to her. After discovering her moody best friend is a zombie, Peyton leaves. Liv is upset, and Ravi is heartbroken. While it is perfectly reasonable for Peyton to be freaked out, I mean, she did just watching Liv get stabbed multiple times and then see Liv stab another zombie in the head, what if Peyton didn’t leave? We didn’t actually see her leave on-screen.

One minute she was there, and the next she was gone. We’ve seen several people break into Liv and Peyton’s apartment before. Sebastian was just there, hence the whole “you’re a zombie?” drama. So what if she was kidnapped? If she was upset about Liv lying to her about being a zombie, then sure, don’t contact her. But what about Ravi? What did he do, except offer to take her on a romantic trip to San Francisco while dressed like Jimmy Stewart? Why would Peyton refuse to contact him? Although it is highly unlikely that Peyton was taken, it’s still an interesting possibility to spice up the story of Season 2 and make Peyton a more memorable character.


4. Evan?


If you haven’t seen the finale, then I’ll save the Google search and tell you that Evan is Liv’s younger brother. Like Peyton, he’s just been a “meh” kind of character throughout the entire season. That is until the last few minutes of the Season 1 finale. After barely surviving the explosion Suzuki set off at Meat Cute, Evan finds himself in need of an O-negative blood donor. Of course (and conveniently) Liv is the only donor option. After learning her lesson with Major that making a zombie to save a life is selfish, Liv decides to be selfless by appearing selfish to others. As she watches doctors remove shards of glass and rubble from her (surprisingly un-burnt) brother, she states “no”. What will this mean for Season 2? Will she let Evan die? Will her family and friends ostracize her? Will she explain herself to them?

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