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Top 6 Reasons to Get Excited for Jessica Jones

While we sit and twiddle our thumbs as we wait restlessly for the second season of the well-received Marvel’s Daredevil to come out in 2016, buzz begins to gather around Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new installment, Marvel’s  JESSICA JONES. This anticipated 13 episode series is set to premiere later this year on Netflix. In this new Marvel series, Krysten Ritter plays Jessica Jones, a private eye who used to moonlight as the superhero, Jewel. With New York City as her backdrop, Jones solves crime for Alias Investigations while struggling to readjust to a normal life and fighting against her main villain, Dr. Zebediah Killgrave, portrayed by David Tennant.  Even though not much is known about the plot synopsis, due to the brief blurb on Amazon and the even shorter one on Netflix, here are the top six reasons to get excited about  Marvel’s  JESSICA JONES.

6. The show starts off at the end of her superhero career.


We always meet new superheroes the same way. Some ordinary person suffers some horrible ailment, but rather than being hindered by it, he/she becomes an extraordinary superhero and the ailment becomes his/her strength.  However, when we meet Jessica Jones, she is hanging up her cape as she transitions back to life as an ordinary person.  Skipping over her origin story should prove to make the story more evocative. The burning question of “Why?” will drive the story forward. As she solves crimes as a private detective, the audience will have to piece together the mystery of her background story episode by episode.


5. Superpowers?


In the comics, Jessica Jones/Jewel had the power of flight and superhuman strength and durability. Her main villain, Dr. Zebediah Killgrave,was a purple skinned man with mind control. However, will the Netflix series give their characters these powers? Part of Daredevil’s charm was that the series was grounded in reality. While Daredevil did have his heightened senses, he still felt like a normal human being with a superhero’s burden of responsibility.  Plus his lack of invulnerability made watching him get stabbed multiple times so much more suspenseful. Will  Jessica Jones follow the same path?


4. Like most superheroes, Jessica Jones is a tortured soul.


Being a superhero can have a great toll on not only one’s physical state, but mental state as well. Superheroes not only have a heightened load of responsibility, but they also must teeter the line of right and wrong in order to accomplish the greater good. Even though Jessica Jones is no longer the superhero named Jewel, she still has many demons she continues to struggle with due to PTSD. On top of that, there was a time in the comics where Jessica Jones found herself under Killgrave’s mind control. The criminal activity she aided in mixed with a dash of Stockholm Syndrome can’t be healthy.

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