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Why the New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Franchise Isn’t That Bad

Less than a year ago, we were treated to the first instalment of a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Despite everyone’s initial objections and hesitation to see this film, I discovered that it wasn’t that bad. Even before it’s release, we knew this movie would lead to multiple sequels and an entire franchise, and by next year, the sequel will be hitting theatres.

What really gets to me is the hate going toward the franchise. At first, I almost understood where everyone was coming from. The new “reboot culture” that we’re experiencing has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, especially when it involves rebooting classic cartoons and movies from our childhood. It was also slightly understandable that people were upset about Michael Bay being a part of this franchise given his poor track record with the last few Transformer films. Add onto this the fact that Megan Fox was cast as April O’Neil, and you’ve got plenty of fodder for fan-hate.

But like I said before, the film wasn’t that bad. If you compare it to the original movies from the 1990s, they’re just as silly, ridiculous, and outrageous. If social media was around back when the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles films came out, there would probably be the same amount of outrage. For crying out loud, the second 90s film had Vanilla Ice doing a ninja rap. Yet people are up in arms because the new turtles have noses? Give me a break. I’m all for people having their own opinions, but at least have evidence to back up some of your claims. Don’t just hate something because it’s the popular thing to do.

On another note, Michael Bay didn’t direct the reboot, nor will he be directing the sequel. He is only producer. People seem to fail to understand that. Director =/= producer. They both have major roles in the production of the film, but it irks me to see people pawning off the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot as simply just another “Bay” film. The problem with it being dubbed as a Bay film is that people automatically think it’s going to be nothing but explosions for two hours straight. If I recall, the first film only had one explosion, and that was at the very end. So much for your preconceived notions!

Just to reiterate: I think it’s important for everyone to formulate their own opinions. We can’t all unanimously like the same thing. I don’t like Arrested Development. Grab your pitchforks! But if you don’t like something, have proper reasoning to back it up. Don’t just say “Ugh, this movie is going to suck because Person A’s hair color is wrong!”

No, I’m serious. There were people legitimately angry and pawning off the entire reboot just because Megan Fox wasn’t a redhead like in the cartoon. A character’s hair color can ruin an entire movie for them. Let that sink in. However, I’m sure these complaints were just stemming from the fact that people hate Megan Fox (I don’t think she’s that terrible; watch Jennifer’s Body). Also, people are complaining about the high level of involvement that April O’Neil had in the reboot. Once again, I point you to the original 90s films. Will you look at that? Seems like April is a pretty major character in that too. Is your mind blown?!

Next complaint: the villains. People worry about too many villains in a film. Okay, I can get behind that. It’s a fairly arguable point. The sequel is going to have Shredder, Eric Sacks, Baxter Stockman, Bebop and Rocksteady, and possibly Krang. In addition to this, the Turtles and April are going to be joined by new ally Casey Jones. That’s a pretty huge cast, but it’s not that outrageous. As long as the characters are allowed to properly develop and not shoe-horned in at the last minute (see Venom in Spider-Man 3), then it could be a good time. And why would you complain about Bebop and Rocksteady coming to the big screen? They were two of the most popular villains in the entire cartoon run!

Speaking of the villains, I have to say that one of the dumbest complaints I’ve seen is from someone saying that Bebop and Rocksteady’s inclusion is “going too far”. There were people making a case about how a genetically modified rhino and warthog acting as mercenaries was “too silly”.

This premise was “too silly” for a movie about a rat training four turtles martial arts so that they can combat a guy wearing a mechanized suit with metal blades coming out of his arms. Get out of here.

If you’ve read my previous articles, then you may be condemning me as a hypocrite, mainly because of my adamant stance that the new Fantastic Four reboot will suck. But unlike the people I talk about in this article, I actually give proper reasons for my doubts. I don’t just say “This movie is going to suck because Miles Teller has a stupid face.” I give my full perspective on the matter, and I even acknowledge that the film has a small potential to be a success. With the Turtles film, people are crossing their arms and simply saying, “Nope. This movie will suck and that’s the end of it.” I recognize the importance of having differing opinions, but I also understand that opinions without evidence are allowed to be criticized.

Maybe I’m just a Ninja Turtles apologist? Maybe I have “bad taste” in movies? Whatever you want to say about it, I’m going to defend the first film as a fun-filled, action-packed adventure, and I have very high hopes for the sequel.

What do you think about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel? Do you believe it has potential to be good? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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  • The Ninja Turtles movie didn’t suck because of any of the reasons you may have suggested. It wasn’t because the turtles had noses or because Megan Fox played April O’Neil.

    The Ninja Turtles movie sucked because it fell into all of the conventions for why similar reboots have failed in the past (Surprise! April was involved in the Turtles mutant origin!) Saying the film is “not that bad” is the same thing as saying “Spider-Man 3” isn’t that bad….which is by no means saying it’s any good.

    The dialogue is atrocious, the story devoted way too much time to irrelevant side characters, and the Turtles – like you mentioned – barely had any time to demonstrate any resemblance of character development.

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but as comic fans we shouldn’t settle for “not bad film” adaptations…instead, we should aspire for “great,” “inventive,” and “awesome” film adaptations.

    Case in Point: In Act III, the Turtles are stuck in giant test tubes, being drained of their blood. Luckily, April comes to save the day….as she conveniently pushes the “Adrenaline” button (while hopelessly crying, I might add) to awake the dying heroes.

    The film may be entertaining to seven year-olds, but for those who enjoyed the Turtles back in the 90’s, there’s absolutely nothing to savor onscreen – except for finding humor in its horridness.