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4 Alternate Leagues of Extraordinary Gentlemen

2. The Time-Jumper League

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Time travel can be exhausting; just ask Doc Brown. He’s been doing it for years! But one day, the famous time-traveling DeLorean accidentally collides with the TARDIS in the time-stream. The two vessels crash somewhere in Los Angeles near the home of Sarah Connor. Sarah, wary of attacks by Skynet, is extremely suspicious of Doc Brown and the occupants of the TARDIS. The Doctor and his latest companion, an English witch named Hermione, try their best to get their bearings and understand what’s going on.

Agent J of the shady organization known as the Men in Black shows up to the scene and claims that he staged the crash to gather the universe’s bravest time-travelers together to combat a larger threat: a villain named Chuck De Nomolos. MIB has been chasing De Nomolos across the time-stream for years, hoping to bring him to justice, but he keeps slipping through the cracks. Agent J will need the help of his newfound companions to capture this madman before he destroys the time-space continuum.

1. The Dead-Hunter League

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There are two schools of thought in a zombie apocalypse: you either want to cure the epidemic, or you want to kill every last walker within your line of sight. For Dr. House, the main mission is to find the cure. But treating zombies is much different than treating living human beings, so House decides to seek help. He meets former chemist Walter White, who faked his death prior to the zombie apocalypse due to a major drug conspiracy that nearly tore apart New Mexico. The two brilliant minds come up with a potential cure, but need to get it to the CDC so that they can mass-produce it. It’s a long road ahead, and they’ll need all the help they can get.

Along the way, they recruit the lone crossbow-man Daryl Dixon and his companion, the nomadic Katniss who claims to come from a “land far away”. Finally, the group encounters an experienced zombie-fighter named Alice. She claims that she knows exactly what caused the zombie outbreak, and she’s going to make those who are responsible pay for their deeds.

Maybe one day, we’ll get our chance to see these teams actually assemble in comic or movie form. For now, we’ll just have to settle with these stories resting safely in our minds or in fan-fiction forums.

Are there any other characters you’d like to see team up to battle a common foe? Tell us your own League rosters in the comments or on Twitter!

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