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4 Things We Want to See in Fear The Walking Dead

Being a huge fan of The Walking Dead comics and the television show, hearing about a spin-off got me excited, especially when this new show is based off the west coast. Often we wonder what is going on in the rest of the world while Rick Grimes is saving his world, so it’s about time we finally get a chance to see it for ourselves! So here are four things that I would like to see on the upcoming show, Fear The Walking Dead.

4. More Zombies


I know that TWD isn’t focused on the zombie element but rather the cohabitation with the new world and the changing of humanity. I personally feel that turning a blind eye to one of the most important elements of what makes the show amazing could be devastating to the upcoming spin-off series. What I want to see, personally, is how the zombies “are” a threat rather than some side chick that you sometimes pick up when it’s convenient to the characters. Maybe the zombies on the west coast are much more aggressive than the east coast? Or maybe the characters actually watched a film or two on zombies before the world went to Hell?

I really feel that, in a lot of these shows, the characters that get thrown into these situations have never seen a film or watched T.V. before in their lives. How are there no precautions for this type of outbreak? For us, we’re always prepared for the worse through some sort of medium or trivia that pitches us against these outbreaks like a global virus or zombies or natural disasters. Unfortunately, in their world, they don’t have the creative geniuses to come up with ideas like zombies in a film; or maybe all they watch on cable is Cheers?

3. More Asians

Comic-Con Trailer: The Walking Dead: Season 5 (Screengrab)

I simply cannot skip this one. Myself, being Asian, have to do my race justice. How is it that in a whole series, you cannot find another Asian running amongst the world of zombies? There is only one in TWD and it bothers me to no end. There are plenty of Caucasians and African-Americans but there is only one Asian. Only one survived in the whole world? I mean, even in the zombies, you don’t see any Asian walkers, which I find kind of sad since we literally make up 1 billion of the world’s population. So where’s the rest of them?

I would like an Asian character or two that really brings something to the table; an element that Rick’s group doesn’t have right now. Glen brings character development from childhood foolishness to adult survival-hood. We need someone like an Asian lead. That would be something new in the show: an Asian leader in L.A. to direct them out of the chaos that’s happening in the world right now.

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