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TRAILER: Doctor Who: Series 9

Peter Capaldi‘s debut series of Doctor Who was a decidedly mixed bag. Series 8 was, in general, a little bit scary, a little bit exciting, a little bit confusing, a little bit awesome, and a little bit crap. It was as if the series could barely keep up with Capaldi’s grizzled take on the legendary Time Lord, and in all honesty, the recently released trailer for Series 9 looks rather similar.

Probably the biggest surprise in the trailer was the return of Missy. We knew she’d be returning, but seeing her in what hints at a prominent role actually may have the power to lend a bit more grip to Doctor Who. As just about each of the modern series took on a new enemy for an overarching story, seeing Missy in what may be another antagonistic role that takes up the whole series has something of a breath of fresh air to it.

There’s one moment specifically where we may see more of Missy than her evil side as well. Around the one minute mark, Missy and Clara appear side by side, both seemingly transfixed by the same thing. What that thing is we’ve yet to see, but let’s just hope that thing involves the end of Clara. Apologies dear reader, but I just couldn’t get hooked on Clara as a character throughout the last series. Regardless of how her several incarnations effect the show, she had too much of a Mel Bush vibe about her, and while she was good foil for the often grumpy Doctor, that chemistry wore thing after about one episode. Stephen Moffat has hinted at a “tragic ending” for Series 9, and Capaldi appears super keen for Jenna Coleman to stay on the show. Could it be that he’s read some nasty surprises in store for her in the scripts?

But anyway, enough subjective moaning about otherwise decent companions – we’ve got Daleks and Zygons to look forward to! They get considerably less screentime compared to Missy, which is a shame because I’d LOVE to see Capaldi really get to grips with those pepper-pots on wheels. We’ve also got your usual bog standard array of beautifully made monsters, a cavalcade of freaks who think the world (whatever world that may be) is their’s for the taking, and bucket-loads of CGI-heavy complexes on distant planets, under the sea, and in outer space.

However, there’s nothing found in this trailer to directly suggest any direction this series may go in.

Overall, there’s really not that much to be seen in this trailer to get your blood truely pumping. In truth, this may just be another collection of weird and wacky tales in time and space, but since we’ve still got Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, that’ll be good enough for me.

Oh yeah, and some lass from Game of Thrones pops up.

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