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TRAILER: The Walking Dead Season 6

Season 5 of The Walking Dead had one of the greatest openers ever, probably even better than the original pilot episode. Unfortunately, the rest of the season had its share of ups and downs and the finale was not up to par for me, though it did give us a great cliffhanger. There were plenty of questions raised in that final hour and a half, and I’m wondering if we’ll get the resolution we need deserve in the next season. Well, after seeing the trailer for Season 6, I’m kind-of on the fence.

Check it out:

The biggest thing about this season will be Morgan and Rick’s reunion. Remember, these two have a very special relationship. Morgan was the first person Rick met after he woke up from his coma in the walker-infested world. Rick was responsible for snapping Morgan out of his temporary insanity after losing his son and being holed up in a bunker for months on end. So what’s it like now that these two are reunited?

It seems that there will be some massive tension between Rick and Morgan. The last shot of Season 5 was Morgan witnessing Rick executing an Alexandria citizen. Judging from the trailer, Morgan is not happy about this at all. We see various clips of him talking to people and saying how they need to get rid of Rick. My assumption is that Morgan will lead an uprising of the Alexandria citizens against the Ricktatorship, which could eventually lead to his expulsion from the community. Rick will then come back with some allies to re-take what’s his (possibly having allied himself with “the Wolves” from last season).

However, my predictions are often completely off-course. I thought Daryl would’ve died last season and here he is still good and well in Season 6. So maybe Morgan and Rick will probably argue here and there but will ultimately become good friends in four or five episodes.

There’s one scene at the very end of the trailer that intrigues me: we see Daryl tied up with a gun being pointed at his face. The holder of said gun tells him that he will shoot Daryl if he says anything. Obviously, Daryl starts his sentence, and the holder menacingly cocks the gun. Cue blackness. You’d think this was foreshadowing a possible death scene, right? Well, The Walking Dead doesn’t like to be that obvious, so it’s more than likely Daryl lives through this situation.

My main question is whether Season 6 will focus ENTIRELY on Morgan vs. Rick (if that’s even a huge plot point). Last season, I thought we would spend a couple months at Terminus. Lo and behold, the cast was out of there in just one episode. For all we know, Season 6 could be mostly dedicated to the world outside of Alexandria. I wish this trailer gave us more info on the main plot instead of just shots of random events going on.

Predictions for deaths this season: Glenn, Rosita, Morgan. I can see Rick having to kill Morgan during one of their clashes, and it wouldn’t surprise me of Rosita becomes walker chow by the mid-season finale. I think the HUGE shocker will be at the end of the season with Glenn’s death, possibly at the hands of a certain baseball-bat-wielding psycho.

So my overall reaction to the trailer is “Meh”. I think the only season trailer for The Walking Dead that ever really excited me was the one for last season because of how epic it looked. It’s no doubt I’ll still be tuning in come October, but I’m having slight doubts that this upcoming season will be that good.

The Walking Dead Season 6 will premier on October 11th, 2015.

What are your predictions for The Walking Dead‘s next season? Are you expecting any main characters to die? Send us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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