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Captain America: Civil War Trailer Description


About a year ago, Disney/Marvel Studios had a little mishap that led to an early leak of the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer. This year, however, it seems that they are doing their very best to prevent anyone from seeing the trailer for Captain America: Civil War before Disney wants them to. The only people who witnessed this glorious preview were in attendance at the past weekend’s D23 Expo. We may not have gotten to see the footage, but we at least saw the description, and just reading these words were enough to get us pumped up for the movie. Here is what we gathered happens in the trailer…

Potential spoilers ahead! Also, please note that there may be variations in this description and the trailer.

The footage begins with Falcon deploying Redwing, a falcon-like drone similar to his animal sidekick from the comics. Redwing scopes out a mysterious truck and reports to Falcon that it’s actually a battering ram. Falcon, Black Widow, and Captain America leap into action. They’re in a marketplace (possibly in Wakanda). While Falcon and Black Widow deal with a bunch of henchmen who appear from inside the truck, Captain squares off with Brock Rumlow (who you may remember from Captain America: Winter Soldier), now wearing heavy body armor and equipped with mechanical arms. At the end of the fight scene, Rumlow (now operating under the identity of “Crossbones”) takes off his mask, revealing a horribly scarred face. He tells Captain “You know, he remembered you. Your pal, your buddy, your Bucky.”

The next scene reveals General Thunderbolt Ross (back after his stint in The Incredible Hulk) explaining to Captain that while some people consider him and the rest of the Avengers as heroes, there are more who actually consider them vigilantes. We also catch Tony Stark telling Captain “Sometimes, I want to punch you in your perfect teeth”.

At some point in the trailer, there’s a scene similar to the after-credit scene from Ant-Man. Sam Wilson and Steve Rogers are interrogating a semi-brainwashed Bucky in a desolate workshop. Bucky explains how Steve’s mother’s name was Sarah and that Steve used to wear newspapers for shoes as a kid. Steve smiles, knowing that he’s finally breaking through Bucky’s brainwashing.

We catch brief glimpses of other major characters throughout the trailer, including Scarlet Witch, the Vision (wearing a normal suit or street clothes), and Black Panther (who actually unsheathes his signature claws). We also see Black Widow and Hawkeye fighting each other. Black Widow asks “We’re still friends, right?” and Hawkeye responds with “Depends on how hard you hit me.” There may also be one shot of all the heroes charging at each other and engaging in a large-scale, epic battle.

The trailer ends with Scott Lang shown sleeping in the back of a car. He’s brought in and introduced to Steve Rogers. Lang, flustered at being in the presence of the one and only Captain America, shakes Rogers’ hand and says “You know a lot of super people. Thinks for thanking of me! I mean, thanks for thinking of me. I’m shaking your hand way too long.”

Now, let’s look a little deeper into this trailer description.

The beginning of the footage shows Captain, Black Widow, and Falcon on a covert mission. Although it wasn’t shown in the trailer, there were reports that Scarlet Witch was seen on the Wakanda set as well, meaning that we’re getting our first shot of the New Avengers in action. Crossbones has popped up in a lot of leaked set pics and videos, but I have a feeling that he’ll be incapacitated early. His little stint at the marketplace could be the catalyst for what happens in the rest of the film. He won’t die, but I think he’ll definitely be out of the picture for most of the film.

I was a little surprised that Thunderbolt Ross was coming back. He kinda fizzled away after the events of The Incredible Hulk. I thought Marvel Studios simply tried to phase him out since there was no news of a sequel Hulk film. But I’m assuming that they brought Ross back to be one of the leading supporters of the Superhuman Registration Act (or the MCU’s equivalent). An interesting thought: will we be seeing Ross turn into the Red Hulk? Our favorite green Hulk was last seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron flying off to God-knows-where. So will Ross’s Red Hulk be our surrogate smasher in this film? As far as we know, Mark Ruffalo hasn’t been included in the official cast as of yet (though he was seen on set a while ago, so who knows?).

People have been going ballistic over Bucky’s involvement in this film. Rumlow’s line “Your Bucky” has actually become a meme of sorts, and it’s been seen in the farthest recesses of Tumblr and Instagram. While all the superheroes are fighting and whatnot, I think we’ll have a subplot of Steve trying his hardest to un-brainwash Bucky and return him back to his normal self. Sebastian Stan has been contracted for seven or eight more films, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that he’ll be back. My guess is that this will be Steve Rogers’ last appearance until Avengers: Infinity War and that the Winter Soldier will take his role on the New Avengers roster.

The Vision is noted as wearing either street clothes or a formal black suit. I haven’t found a definite confirmation on either outfit, but I’m going to assume it’s the latter. News outlets have reported that there will be a funeral during the movie, so it looks like the Vision might be in attendance. In the Civil War comics, there was the funeral for the fallen superhero Goliath. Seeing as this hero will most likely not appear in the film, my second guess is that it’s Agent Peggy Carter in the coffin.

Black Panther’s role in the film will be interesting. Before Spider-Man was introduced to the MCU, Marvel Studios stated that Black Panther would take the role that Spidey had in the comics. We’re not sure what exactly that means, but I’m assuming they were talking about switching sides. Remember earlier how I said that the beginning battle with Crossbones was possibly in Wakanda? I’m thinking that the battle leads to major collateral damage, angering the king of Wakanda. Who’s the king, you may ask?  T’Challa aka Black Panther. So what if the Civil War starts with Black Panther joining Iron Man’s team because he’s pissed at Captain and his group, but something happens that makes him change sides? There has also been news of a double-agent amongst one of their ranks, so we could be seeing a lot of flip-flopping between sides.

Speaking of sides, there hasn’t been any solid confirmation as to who is siding with who yet, but the rumored roster is as follows: Team Iron Man will consist of War Machine, the Vision, Black Widow, and Spider-Man. Team Captain America will feature Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, and Ant-Man. There has been no mention of Thor showing up in this film. He may be dealing with all the chaos going on in Asgard. Marvel Studios said that the events of Captain America: Civil War will lead into Thor: Ragnarok. It’s possible that, while all the heroes are preoccupied with the Civil War going on, Thanos or some other major baddie could seize this opportunity to attack.

Many people have been excited for the upcoming film, but then there are others who won’t stop complaining. For one thing, people are upset that Black Widow is on the opposing side of Hawkeye and Captain America. What these people fail to recognize is that Black Widow was on Iron Man’s side in the comics. Also, it’s not that outrageous for her to be on opposing sides from her friends. In the comics, Sue Storm left Reed Richards (her own husband!) to switch sides. There has to be a good reason as to why Black Widow is fighting against her friends. It’s a civil war, after all, meaning friends fighting against one another and alliances being torn apart. Why is it so outrageous for Black Widow to fight against her allies? And for people saying that “it doesn’t make sense”, once again, I’ll have to point you to the comic. Did it “make sense” that Spider-Man revealed his identity to the public after working so hard for so many years to keep it secret? Things happen; deal with it. We don’t know why exactly she’s working with Iron Man, but I’m sure Marvel Studios has a plan.

On a final note, I just want to point out another prediction I have for an end-credit scene. With Ruffalo showing up on set, I’m curious as to whether the credits will feature the Hulk in space, possibly encountering the Guardians of the Galaxy. It’d be an excellent way to bridge the gap between the Avengers and the Guardians, though, I’m not sure if Marvel will go that route, especially since they said the Hulk won’t be back until the first half of Avengers: Infinity War.

Another theory I had was that Iron Man would go into a sort-of exile in space after the events of Civil War. He could meet up with the Guardians and recruit them to come back to Earth just in time for the actual Infinity War. It’s not that farfetched of an idea. Iron Man was briefly in the comic incarnation of the Guardians, and people won’t complain about seeing Tony Stark bicker with Rocket Raccoon.

It’s been said that we won’t get a trailer for Captain America: Civil War until November. I’m praying that something shows up sooner. What’s the point of teasing us with details if you’re not going to show us for another three months? Get it together, Disney!

Are you excited to see the Captain America: Civil War trailer? Which part are you most excited for? Tell us what you think in the comments or on  Twitter!

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