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Constantine’s Coming to Starling City

The CW has happily produced numerous crossovers within its superhero franchise, and it appears as though the network plans on making some room for yet another DC character.

The cancellation of NBC’s Constantine caused many rabid fans to give up hope that they’d see actor Matt Ryan don his trusty trench coat after the last episode faded to black.

We’ve had months to wallow and accept that the beloved demon-hunter was unable to defeat the toughest of the world’s demons: low television ratings. NBC pulled the plug on the short-lived supernatural drama months ago; however, as announced on August 12th, Constantine has managed to survive the most untimely of, “deaths,” and will be seen once more on our television screens in the upcoming season of Arrow.

The question is: Will this crossover work for the Arrow-verse as well as those in the past?

Considering the fact that Constantine is often described as being an individual who is constantly struggling with past sins, it’s safe to say that there’s at least one similarity between the demon-hunter and Starling City’s resident vigilante.

Perhaps an episode will be devoted to the two brooding individuals discussing their internal demons and reveling in the knowledge that someone else is as messed up as they are. Or maybe viewers will be treated to 42 minutes, not including commercials of course, of the two men supporting each other as they finally book themselves a much-needed therapy session.

Knowing the big wigs responsible for the CW’s superhero franchise, neither of the above is likely. What’s more likely, is the introduction of a dark character to a dark world that may be in need of some additional assistance.

Appearing in the fifth episode, entitled, “Haunted,” of Arrow’s fourth season, Constantine will likely have a significant impact on the citizens of Starling City, as well as those scattered throughout the other DC shows that are slowly taking over the CW. Though the announcement of Constantine’s upcoming visit to Starling City hasn’t been followed by any additional announcements of possible layovers in say, Central City or whatever time and space Legends of Tomorrow is set to take place, his presence will no doubt have a ripple effect throughout the CW’s DC universe.

The possibility of this ripple effect indicates that Constantine will likely be serving as a far more important character than the typical one-off guest stars that cause a little chaos before being soon forgotten.

As mentioned, the characters of Arrow and the Flash have mingled onscreen on more than one occasion, to the point where an entire new series has been created to better highlight the individuals that were treated as side dishes to the titular heroes.


Legends of Tomorrow is slated for a mid-season premiere, meaning that a significant event, or significant character, in the early episodes of the fall-premiering Arrow could likely have an enormous impact on the storyline of the CW’s third superhero show.

Avoiding anymore vague allusions, I’ll just bluntly say that the fact that Caity Lotz is set to be a key player in Legends of Tomorrow indicates that Constantine could very well play a part in the revival of Sara Lance.

At this point, Legends of Tomorrow is something that only viewers and members of the real world are aware of. In the Arrow universe, Sara Lance is still very much dead and Ray Palmer’s fate is still unknown. The fleeting love interest to Felicity Smoak (though, Atom is a much cooler identity to go by) was caught in an unfortunate explosion that seemed to destroy much of Palmer Technologies, or at the very least the swanky executive offices on the upper floors.

We know that both Lance and Palmer are set to appear in the upcoming ensemble superhero show, but by the time Episode 5 rolls around in Season 4 of Arrow, it’s likely that the characters will still be searching for answers and possible solutions to the seemingly terrible fates of their assumingly-departed friends.

The audience’s awareness that the former Black Canary is set to reappear in the Arrow/Flash/LoT universe doesn’t necessarily mean that the already existing characters in said universe are even aware of the possibility of having any Canary other than Laurel roaming the streets and being very much alive.

Though the Legends of Tomorrow teaser shows Sara emerging from the infamous Lazarus Pit in Nanda Parbat, it doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of Constantine somehow being directly involved in the reintroduction of Sara Lance, and subsequently the introduction of White Canary, to the world.

In an IGN interview, Wendy Mericle all but confirmed the fact that Constantine will at least have some involvement in the resurrection of Sara Lance. Will he physically be present when Lance emerges from the depths of the Pit? Will he utilize some as of yet unknown method of resurrection?

The safest bet would be to assume that Constantine will serve as some sort of informant to Team Arrow when he appears in Season 4.

Last season began to stray towards the mythos and, arguably, magical notions of the DC world, meaning that this upcoming season is likely to stay on a similar path. The supernatural knowledge possessed by Constantine would certainly be helpful to the Starling City vigilantes and soon-to-be superheroes that are slowly learning that more than well-trained or heavily enhanced humans are roaming the city streets.

Constantine’s presence on Arrow is described as being, “Born out of necessity for this particular story,” which only seems to solidify the notion that he has information that Team Arrow needs.

As they say, knowledge is power and anyone with even one iota of it will be a much-needed asset for citizens and heroes alike in Starling City.

Whether said knowledge will surround the mysteries of the Lazarus Pit, or will instead focus on the supernatural and superpowered, is something that remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Constantine will certainly leave a mark on Oliver Queen and friends.


What do you think about Arrow’s latest crossover? Is Constantine a DC character you’re excited to see again, or would you rather see a different character be brought into the fold? Sound off in the comments below or on Twitter!


Arrow Season 4 premieres on the CW in the US October 7th, 2015 and Constantine Season 1 can be purchased digitally on Amazon or iTunes should you wish to get a taste of the demon-hunter before his arrival in Starling City!

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