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PODCAST: Jock and Nerd Episode 34 – Director and Motion Graphics Artist Fede Ponce

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Anthony and Imran chat with Director and Motion Graphics Artist Fede Ponce about being creative, following your passion, crowdfunding his project Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey and, of course, superheroes! Fede has worked on main titles and VFX for Marvel’s Iron Man, Thor, and many others, as well as directed commercials. With the help of Bertha Navarro, producer for Guillermo Del Toro, Fede brings us his project eight years in the making, Sebastian: The Slumberland Odyssey. The trio also discuss the recent Fantastic Four movie (again), George Miller, how superheroes are turning into spectacle, connecting with Superman in a new way, advice on learning Adobe AfterEffects and more!

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