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6 Reasons to Get Excited for Doctor Who: Series 9

If you haven’t watched the two-minute prologue for the upcoming series of Doctor Who, then don’t bother, because it’s bound to annoy the sonic screwdriver out of you. Well, it annoyed the sonic screwdriver out of me anyway! It annoyed me because in less than two minutes, we may have been handed the upcoming series’ story-arc on a platter – a rehash. Yet another season-length story anchored on a ‘mystery individual’. But I’m not a complete pessamist. There’s nothing wrong with diving head-first into this type of story. The problem is that its been used so many times throughout New Who that we’ve surely seen every possible combination of characters, events and plot points that such a type of story can deliver.

Isn’t it time we had something new? We’ve already been treated to someone new. Peter Capaldi has charged his gimmick-shy Doctor crashing through out TV screens and given us something the doe-eyed, puppy-happy persona of Matt Smith‘s Doctor couldn’t bring – a sense of menace. And that menace is surely just one of several things we’ve got to look forward to in the next few days. Until then, here’s something to get your TARDIS’s fired-up as we countdown six reasons you really should be pumped for the new series of Doctor Who!

6. Skaro?


The reason this is at number 6 is because it could all amount to nothing, but doesn’t this city look more than a little like the Dalek’s HQ? We know the Daleks will be returning once the new series kicks off, and if this city is anything to go by, it’ll be in a fuller capacity than the decent yet admittedly odd story from last year “Into the Dalek”, the one time we saw any Dalek action from Series 8.

5. Missy


Ah Missy, what am I to do with you? Are you nothing more than a cheap, throwaway answer to whether or not we’ll ever see a female Doctor? Or are you perhaps the perfect enemy to Capaldi’s Doctor? Are you, in fact, stronger than any monster-of-the-week the 12th Doctor will come up against? You’ve everything needed to tangle and tango with the Doctor. Flare, a sense of mystery, and a cheeky wit that blends marvellously with the 12th Doctor’s endless grouchiness. When you show up in the opening two-parter, I’m sure I’ll be smiling from ear to ear.

That is if Steven Moffat can keep his hands of you.

4. Two-parters


This is a risky one. Two-parters aren’t new at all, but a near-whole season made up of them? One of the ways Doctor Who has recently been haphazardly putting fire in its belly is by the upcoming series being made up almost exclusively of two-parters. There will be twelve episodes, and only two will be individual stories. Could this be a step in a new and fresher direction for the series in terms of how stories are told?

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