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PODCAST: Jock and Nerd Episode 39 – The Power of Short-Form Storytelling with Filmmaker Chris J. Sotelo

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The Jock welcomes his friend, award-winning filmmaker Chris J. Sotelo on to the podcast. Anthony and Imran talk to Chris about what makes a good movie trailer, the power of short form storytelling , filmmaking, winning the AMC Walking Dead Fan Promo Contest and what to do in a zombie apocalypse. Chris breaks down examples of the best and worst in movie trailers, and reveals the absolute worst trailer ever made!


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About the author

Alex Reale

From a young age, Alex knew he was destined to be a writer. He also harbored a deep infatuation with superheroes and comics. Luckily, he was able to combine these two passions through his role with A Place to Hang Your Cape, where he works as Junior Sidekick and Social Media Hero.

When he’s not writing for AP2HYC or working full-time as a content manager for a small business website, Alex is diligently at work on other creative projects including a fantasy novel collection and an independent comic series.

You can find Alex's first book, Dodger's Doorway, on Amazon!