PODCAST: Jock and Nerd Episode 40 – A Good Old Fashioned Geek Out


What happens when an old friend of the Nerd pays a visit to Rugboy? Well, a spontaneous podcast recording is what! Anthony and Imran hang out with Rugboy and illustrator Jose Dennis and chat about everything from their college radio show, SNL after-after parties, the Nerd’s music video debut to the dissolution of Marvel’s Creative Committee, Diggle’s new stupid helmet on Arrow and Jessica Jones on Netflix. The older guys get nostalgic and jump from The Tick to Xena: Warrior Princess to Star Trek and more! It’s a fun ride!

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About the author

Alex Reale

From a young age, Alex knew he was destined to be a writer. He also harbored a deep infatuation with superheroes and comics. Luckily, he was able to combine these two passions through his role with A Place to Hang Your Cape, where he works as Junior Sidekick and Social Media Hero.

When he’s not writing for AP2HYC or working full-time as a content manager for a small business website, Alex is diligently at work on other creative projects including a fantasy novel collection and an independent comic series.

You can find Alex's first book, Dodger's Doorway, on Amazon!