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SPIDERTEMBER: The Spectacular Spider-Man – One Young Fan’s Critique

5-year-old Xander is already the creator of his very own superhero, Thunder-Man, but his first real love was Spider-Man!  With spider-plush toys littering his cot, and one of his first words being “THWIP!” – combined with the iconic two-finger webshooting action – he has grown up loving the wall crawler. While his interest is often distracted by Lego, Batman or even the Power Rangers, Spidey is always a go to and firm favourite.

Excited by the idea of #Spidertember, Xander decided to sit down and watch the first season of The Spectacular Spider-Man animated series. First broadcast in 2008 (before Xander was born), we wondered if it stood the test of time, and if it would keep a 5 year old entranced.  Are you kidding? Of course it did!  With four DVD volumes to get through the 13 episode run it was going to be a long weekend!  We were thankful for the rain in the end…

Episode One introduced Spidey and a few villains, and the Vulture.  Xander was hooked. The theme song was soon being sung along to (and with the DVD comes a music video, which had to be played while Xander jumped and thwipped around the living room), and we got through the entire season in two afternoons; back to back Spidey had never been so much fun!  The following are various comments made by Xander, and then a short interview with him about this series of the webhead.

X: Who’s that old guy?
M: That’s Victor Tooms.
X: Oh. Is he bad?
M: He will be.
X: Oh yeah! He’s Vulture. He’s a bit boring.


X: No Spidey! Don’t go in the water, Lizard will get you!


X: Yeah! Electro is COOL!


X: Who’s that guy with the yellow and red on?
M: That’s Shocker.
X: Mmm. He’s a bit stupid. Spidey’ll beat him easy.


X: Rhino and Sandman!! Are they friends?
M: I think so.
X: That’s cool. But Spider-Man will stop them, won’t he?
M: I don’t know. Do you think so?
X: Duh. Yeah.


X: Look out  Spidey, pumpkin bomb! Yeah, it’s Green Goblin on his glider!


X: Ooo, Black Cat is stealing the black stuff. She’s cool.


X: Spidey is black now, he looks awesome!


X: Go Spidey, yeah, get him! (Spidey is fighting the Sinister Six)


X: OH!! VENOM!! Yeah!


Xander made little other comments during the entire season, he was transfixed.  Afterwards, we sat down amid his Spider-Man Lego and talked about the show. Caution, there may be Spoilers!


M: Who was your favourite character?
X: Venom! But I like Green Goblin too.
M: What about Spider-Man?
X: Well, yeah. But he was a bit boring when he was Peter Parker.


M: What was your favourite episode?
X: I liked the one where he fought all the bad guys.
M: The Sinister Six?
X: Yeah, but I was sad for Electro.
M: Why?
X: When Rhino fell on him!!


M: Was there anything you didn’t like?
X: I didn’t like the bits with the big blue guy.
M: Tombstone?
X: Yeah, he was a bit creepy.


M: Would you watch them again?
X: Yeah, but I still like Batman (The Brave & the Bold) too. Can we watch Batman now?


Xander thoroughly enjoyed watching The Spectacular Spider-Man and no doubt will watch again in the future.  Each episode had him glued to the telly, with him getting involved in the story lines.  All in all, a hit with a young fan, and this old Dad enjoyed it too. Go out and grab a copy of the DVD, this animated series certainly deserves a second, third and fourth watch!

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