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6 Reasons The Punisher Is Perfect For Daredevil Season 2

The first season of Daredevil, and with it the first foray into Netflix original programming from Marvel Studios, was a roaring success. Audiences and critics alike have since laid well-deserved praise on the show and all its creative avenues. It is a gripping, exciting piece of television and full to the brim with compelling characters brought to life by the actors portraying them.

Marvel have very successfully created a cinematic universe and has now taken another step towards a television universe. And what a solid step it is. It is no surprise then that Season 2 has been announced for release on Netflix in 2016, and while more and more details will drip through gradually, we have been informed that the character known as Frank Castle aka the Punisher will be featured and played by The Walking Dead‘s Jon Bernthal.

Even without heightened senses, you can smell the excitement in the air. Here are six reasons why the Punisher is absolutely perfect for Season 2…

6. Jon Bernthal


Let us begin with one of the main components as to why this version of the Punisher will not only be great for season 2, but why this version will be the definitive one; Jon Bernthal.

Proving that he can play a violent sociopath with aplomb in The Walking Dead, Bernthal’s performance as Shane is really just an audition for Frank Castle. Cold, calculating, aggressive, and capable, Bernthal’s work in The Walking Dead showcases many of the elements that make up Castle’s dysfunctional personality. Not to mention notable supporting roles in the likes of the Wolf of Wall Street and Fury, there is no doubt that the skull-emblazoned soldier is in safe hands.

5. Comic book history

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The Punisher and Daredevil have a long-standing history in comics, and have had many run-ins over the years both as friends and enemies. There has been no suggestion of which they will be in Season 2, but one can presume they will start off as the latter and end up as the former (though maybe not best friends). The writers will have a lot of ammunition in regards to storylines to pick and choose from, and this should result in some very exciting scenes of both dialogue and action.

There is also a big fat link between the two; the Kingpin. Both have had the criminal mastermind as their nemesis at one time or another. The Punisher namely in Garth EnnisPunisher: Max, which charts the origins of both the Kingpin and the Punisher. Of course we have seen Wilson Fisk’s childhood trauma in the first season, but perhaps more will be revealed about his rise to power, which so far has merely been hinted at.

4. There will be blood

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One of the more surprising elements of the first season was the depiction of the violence that takes place in Hell’s Kitchen. Bones break, skulls crunch, and blood splatters as the criminals make waves and Daredevil dispenses his brand of tough vigilante justice.

Make no mistake, the Punisher is violent. Killing criminals is his Modus Operandi. His gun-toting, knife-wielding, grenade-launching skills will fit in perfectly with the savage world created, and should provide some inventive ways of dispatching lawbreakers that differ from Daredevil’s fancy martial arts.

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