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6 Things We Want To See In Ash vs. Evil Dead

Ash and his chainsaw are back in the highly anticipated new series, Ash vs. Evil Dead. The cult classic has been turned into a T.V. show with actor Bruce Campbell reprising his role as Ash J. Williams from the original Evil Dead Trilogy and director Sam Raimi returning to helm the pilot episode. We already know from the trailers the trusty chainsaw makes a welcome reappearance, but here is a list of six other things we want to see in the new series.

6. Practical effects


One of the greatest things about the original Evil Dead trilogy was the use of practical effects. The original was made on a shoestring budget, giving the film a cheap but fun look. Films and television series these days can be riddled with terrible CGI, so it will be a warm welcome to see some of the practical effects that made the films so fun make a return. The effects were over-the-top, fun, and extremely gory, which would make for a great addition to the series. We’d rather see silly puppets than dodgy CGI. The series’ use of fun practical effects will be a fun alternative to the grittiness and realism of shows such as The Walking Dead.

5. Comedy


What made the original films (especially the second and third in the series) fun was the addition of comedy scenes to mash in with the horror. Ash was famous for his use of one-liners that are still often quoted by loyal fans to this day. Bringing back the comedy element to the new series to match up with the horror and practical effects will make the series truly memorable. The first film in the series was more serious than its sequels. The introduction of the comedy to the second film bought the series a new legion of loyal fans and gave the series a new life. The 2013 reboot lost the comedy and lost what made the original films so fun in the first place.

4. Nods to the films


We don’t want the series to completely forget about the previous adventures of Ash and Necronomicon, the Book of Dead. We want to know what happened to Ash after the events of Army of Darkness, and we want nods to the previous films. Paying homage to memorable scenes from the original series will be a warm welcome for its long-time fans. We would also like the series to forget the recent 2013 remake.

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