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REVIEW: Arrow 4×03 “Restoration”

Oh so we decided to be a quality show again, cool I will go back to liking you for one more week Arrow. “Restoration” seems to have found an amazing sense of rhythm and somehow managed to make a lot of our favorite characters occupy the same space once again. There were just so many opportunities that this episode could have stumbled and given in such as last week, but we were able to capitalize on the most interesting stories of the season rather than forcing them to flounder.. Diggle hating Ollie, seemingly solved. Felicity seemingly being in control of Palmer Tech, more believable. Sara’s resurrection, killing the Lazarus Pit, all of this made for an exciting story that not only set up Legends of Tomorrow, but also pushed the story in new and interesting directions that will actually effect our main characters.

So, let’s start with one of the big through lines of the season thus far, Diggle not trusting Ollie. I could probably take a couple more weeks of Diggle being angry as he has every right to be considering what Ollie did, but damn it was gratifying to see them begin to mend the fence. It is slightly odd that we have never seen Diggle actual work his brother’s case sans the first time he googled HIVE, but it is definitely rewarding to see all of the work he has put in and the progress he made. Oliver was right to be disappointed that Diggle didn’t let him in on the secret but to watch the two of them bond over there newly reformed brotherhood. Watching them banter over finally having a lead and what exactly their friendship means to each other was a strong inclination that this season may indeed be different. As always David Ramsey is the unsung hero of the show as he manages to bring the exact right level of anger and sadness to Diggle’s search for revenge. It really is shocking he has not gotten more to do.

Of course with the OTA we would be remised to talk about Felicity and her massive improvement in being the boss of Palmer Tech in merely a weeks time. The interplay between her and Curtis managed to work a hell of a lot better this time around as Felicity actually took control of the situation while still managing to have some of her original charm. It honestly felt like when Ollie was lying to Felicity back in season one about where he got the evidence from his various cases, and that seriously felt amazing. However there was no better scene tonight then when Felicity called Ollie and Diggle on their bullshit and making them hash things out. Emily Bett Rickards nailed the necessary anger and frustration that permitted the entire exchange as much like Felicity we were all tired of the lack of connection between the members of OTA. If the writers are able to keep up this sustained character development I might even begin to forget some of what made season three so bad.

Now its time to talk about the setup for Legends Of Tomorrow also know as why the hell you should not screw around with the league. Seeing Malcolm return in his full Ra’s out glory was kind of fantastic as we were given some new information as to how the pit actually works and how far he is willing to go in order to prove he loves Thea. Sure it is a demented, vile, psychopathic love as demonstrated by him sending fodder for Thea to murder in order to satiate his bloodlust, but it is still technically love. By the way this episode was pretty brutal as we watched multiple people get murdered in some awesome ways and it also proved that there is no sure fire way for Thea to end her bloodlust. It will be fascinating to see if the “cure” comes into play with Sara at all since that would mean Thea would have to bite the bullet, and it is equally exciting that there is no magic fix for Thea since Ra’s has been put six feet under with seemingly no way to resurrect now.

The only questionable part of this week’s episode was Laurel being completely fine with all of the effects the pit will have on Sara. Not only has she now seen first hand the pit’s effects first hand, she is apparently cool with her sister becoming an unrepentant murderer if it means she can make up for lying to her father. I may not live in a world with super powers, but I would have some understanding that resurrection is never a good idea in any way shape or form. I mean when Malcolm, Nyssa, and Thea all agree that this is a really stupid idea you should maybe listen and not be so obsessed with bringing her back. Now that Nyssa has seemingly found a new opponent to hate on and destroyed our get out of death free card it does make me wonder if she is now an enemy of Oliver and the team since they have chosen to associate with her though most likely they will not back the idea of Sara being resurrected.

The last thing I want to talk about is Damien who has been in every episode and Neal McDonough absolutely killing it. His murder of Diggle’s lead and the subsequent anger he has towards the other members of HIVE raise a ton of questions about who is truly pulling the strings and adds some much needed character depth. However, I am beginning to worry that the season may become over saturated with his appearances and this will lead to his character becoming less threatening then he really is. I mean if Darhk is not truly the one in power and control behind HIVE then his threat will be slightly diminished, especially if he takes a Ra’s-esque turn and reveals someone even he fears. Everything in moderation, especially your big bad.

Overall a fantastic episode that seems to have put everything back on track.

Final Grade A-

+Ollie and Diggle burying the hatchet

+Brutal action sequences

+Felicity taking control

+Sara coming back

-Laurel not even considering leaving Sara dead

-Darhk slightly loosing his menace.

Extra Thoughts

-In a weeks time Holt has already invented the basis of Mr. Terrific’s powers. Dude works fast

-Why did I not consider the secret base was below Palmer Tech. It really seems obvious now.

-Quantum Ray is best Ray.

-I know I really did not talk about Double Down, but he got some great action and puns. I really hope he comes back or becomes Task Force X.

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