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REVIEW: Gotham 2×06 “Rise of the Villains: By Fire”

This week’s episode, “By Fire”, continued to explore the origin story of Firefly a.k.a  Bridgit Pike. While Bridgit’s story was spread way too thin and had nothing exciting to offer, another villain’s origin story caught my attention making this week’s episode semi-interesting. However, before I get to that, I must warn you…There are SPOILERS ahead!

We begin at Theo’s. Carrying out Penguin’s plan, Butch begs to be taken in by Theo. While ugh-Barbara is doubtful, Theo and Tabitha accept Butch onto their side. Whilst this transaction is happening, a congressman barely balances on a stack of books with a noose tied around his neck. Rather than undoing the knot creating the noose, since his hands are free, the congressman whimpers and allows himself to be blackmailed into supporting Theo’s mayoral campaign.

Meanwhile, Gordon captures a thug and brutally interrogates his suspect. Although Gordon learns nothing about Bridgit’s identity from the thug, Gordon unnecessarily beats him. The Strike Force, who are actually good (as in non corrupt) cops, inform Gordon that they have to report his violent behavior. However, Gordon is unshaken by this threat. Cocky much?

Later, Selina and Bridgit rob a sketchy underground club that dabbles in human trafficking. While Bridgit wants to help the ladies being sold, Selina argues that they just take the money and leave. As Selina collects the money from the criminals, Bridgit wards off any threats with her flame thrower. And apparently it works. These have got to be the dumbest thugs ever. Bridgit’s fire can only reach so far. A bullet from a gun can reach a lot farther. They can just shoot her in the legs while they duck from her fire…And then take her out as she stops with the flamethrower and reacts to her bleeding leg….I’m just saying.

At the GCPD, Barnes reprimands Gordon for beating the suspect from earlier. Ha-ha. Gordon got in trouble. Barnes reminds Gordon that his actions, even if it came from a place of good intentions, were still wrong and against the law. Even though Gordon throws the “This is Gotham. There are gray areas” bull$hiT-card at Barnes, Barnes shuts Gordon down and questions if his interrogation “tactic” even worked. AND IT DIDN’T! IN YO FACE GORDO!…Sorry, I’m reeling it back in. *deep breath*. Anyways, Barnes shows Gordon the security footage of Bridgit and Selina leaving their heist. While Gordon still knows nothing about Bridgit’s identity, he recognizes Selina.

The show is then interrupted by a quick scene from Wayne Manor in order to remind the audience that Bruce and Alfred still exist. Here, Bruce and Alfred continue with their training. While boxing, Alfred manages to distract Bruce and his hormones by mentioning Silver St. Cloud. Bruce begins to start a windstorm with his eyelashes as he thinks of Silver, allowing Alfred to punch him in the face. Ha-ha.

Back at the GCPD, Nygma eavesdrops on Kringle and Lee. While Kringle is clearly smitten by Nygma, Kringle worries that Nygma is too gentle and wishes he would open up to her more.

Meanwhile, Bullock and Gordon attempt to locate Selina by questioning other street kids, including Ivy. Oh yeah, I forgot she was a character… Anyways, Bullock manages to gather some useful information and Gordon leaves to confront Selina.

At the same time, Selina drops Bridgit off at the bus station. As Selina continues to play the “We’re not friends” game with Bridgit, the Pike Brothers drive by and kidnap their sister.

Enraged that her “not-friend” was taken, Selina returns to her place to gear up with shotguns and ammo. However, before she can leave, Gordon arrives to stop her. Their standoff quickly deteriorates after Selina reveals Bridgit’s identity and explains to Gordon that Bridgit actions were due to her brothers. Gordon offers to help Bridgit in exchange for Selina not going all Rambo on the Pike Brothers.

At the Pike’s place, the Brothers throw firecrackers at the chained Bridgit, and they yell at her for ditching them. Dudes, you ditched her…They eventually unchain Bridgit from the furnace, confident that she will never leave them again. Unfortunately for them, Bridgit returns in her fire-retardant suit and aims her flamethrower at her brothers.

We are then brought to Penguin’s, where Butch shows Penguin his new mallet-arm. Penguin’s fake paranoia starts to seem a bit real as he questions Butch’s loyalty. While it’s starting to become clear that Butch is at the mercy of his brainwashing, Butch reaffirms his loyalty to Penguin.

Later, Gordon and Bullock arrive at the Pike’s place. After Bullock tries to make a barbecue joke about the dead brothers, a brother suddenly grabs Bullock’s leg. Frightened, Bullock kicks the brother to death. Okay, that was kind of funny. I lol’d.

At Theo’s, Butch finds footage of Penguin’s mother, when suddenly Theo walks in. While Butch manages to shut the television off, it’s unclear if Theo caught Butch or not. Nevertheless, Theo acknowledges to Butch that he is well aware of Penguin’s plan to send Butch as a double agent. However, surprisingly, Theo also reveals he is knows of Butch’s brainwashed mind. Wanting to level the playing field, Theo sends in Tabitha to attempt to reverse Butch’s conditioning. Poor Butch. First, he’s tortured by Zsasz, now Tabitha. If Butch doesn’t go bananas after this, he is one tough cookie.

Back at the GCPD, Barnes once again reprimands Gordon, this time for making a deal with Selina. While Gordon argues that Bridgit was forced by her Brothers, Barnes reminds Gordon that Bridgit still killed three people and BROKE THE LAW. Damn Gordon. Barnes basically has to tell you how to be a cop…

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 12.00.53 AM

Later, as she revels in her brother’s deaths, Bridgit prepares to kill again. Conveniently, she is once again visited by her “not-friend” Selina. The two get into another poorly-acted conversation on how Selina doesn’t want Bridgit to kill people, but Selina doesn’t care…blah blah blah. Whatever, I’m so over these two…

Later that night, at Theo’s, Bruce and Silver (and creepy chaperones Theo and Tabitha) have dinner. OMG, Bruce and Silver are soooooo into each other. If they weren’t pre-teens I’d be making smoochy jokes, but I’m not creepy…like Theo and Tabitha.

Meanwhile, Kringle and Nygma have a date at his place, and since they are adults, I can say… IT’S ON! During their date, Nymga clearly wants to confess to Kringle about Dougherty’s murder, however before he can, Kringle kisses Nygma and then leads him to the bedroom. AND IT…IS…ON!

Back at the dingy place that sells girls, Bridgit returns and saves the prisoners. However, before she can make her escape, Barnes, Gordon, and the Strike Force arrive, thanks to Selina’s help. While Gordon tries to negotiate with Bridgit, Bridgit shoots her flamethrower, hitting no one since her flamethrower is useless and has a short range. Meanwhile, a gun-happy cop panics and accidentally shoots one of Bridgit’s gas lines. Unaware that gas is leaking from her pack, Bridgit continues to shoot her flamethrower at a nearby cop car, and catches on fire, screaming as she crumbles to the ground. Wait, so what was the point of her flame retardant suit, then?

After Bruce and Silver’s “date”, Theo and Bruce have a private conversation. Even though Bruce claims to be ready to take over Wayne Enterprises, he clearly is not. Theo, striking all the right chords with Bruce, easily plays his way into Bruce’s confidence. By the end of their conversation, Bruce truly believes that Theo will help him with Wayne Enterprises once Theo is mayor.

Back at Gordon’s/Lee’s, Selina holds Lee hostage in order to ensure Gordon will hold up his part of the deal and keep Bridgit safe. Even though Selina holds a gun to Lee, Lee finds it amusing. Gordon eventually arrives home and informs Selina that Bridgit is going to die from her burns. Selina cries for her “not-friend”.  Not caring at all, Gordon prods Selina for more information and eventually learns that Penguin hired the Pikes to perform arson.

Meanwhile, at Nygma’s, post-coital, Kringle worries about her fears that Dougherty will kill her, since Dougherty is the jealous-abusive-type. Nygma convinced that Kringle loves him back, confesses everything to her, including the murder. While, she thinks it is a joke at first, Nygma shows Kringle Dougherty’s police badge. Disgusted, Kringle reverts back to her old self, and taunts Nygma. After slapping him and trying to leave, Nygma tries to explain his love for her. However, the chokehold he has her in kills her. I KNEW IT! I knew he was going to kill her! While, it was so predictable, I couldn’t help but feel sad for Nygma. As he cradles her dead body in his arms, Nygma cries hysterically. Could this be the final straw that sends him off the edge?

Over at Penguin’s, Penguin and his henchmen prepare to storm Theo’s warehouse after Butch reveals he located Penguin’s mother. While Butch managed to escape Tabitha’s clutches and return back to Penguin, it is unclear if Butch is still loyal to Penguin. Maybe Tabitha’s reverse-brainwash brainwash worked and the warehouse is a setup. I guess we’ll find out next week.

However, before the episode ended, we get one final scene in which two orderlies leave a badly burned but alive Bridgit in a place called “Indian Hill”, a lab owned by Wayne Enterprises. Uh-oh, is this place filled with even worse villains than Arkham? And does Theo Galavan know/have plans about this place? DUN-DUN-DUNNNNN!!!!

Final Grade: C+

Bridgit is a blah villain… She made Gordon look pseudo-competent.


Extra Thoughts:

+Bruce bites Alfred. Alfred should test for rabies. Bats/ pre-teens have rabies.

+”Damn, I hate how it smells like good barbeque” – Bullock

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