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REVIEW: Heroes Reborn 1×05 “The Lion’s Den”

Sorry, Heroes Reborn, but you’re not doing a great job of keeping me entertained. If this show wants to recapture the same magic that the original Heroes had back in Season 1, then it will have to find out what works and what doesn’t work. You know what works? Simplicity. You know what doesn’t work? Trying to turn everything super complex but with shallow characters. This episode of Heroes Reborn, “The Lion’s Den”, was just another example of what not to do. (spoilers ahead!)

I don’t even know where to begin anymore because the show has the worst case of ADD I’ve ever seen. I guess I’ll start with Noah, Quentin, and Taylor since they’re supposed to be the main drivers of the show (I think). So Molly Walker is now dead, and Noah isn’t happy about it. He wants to know about the death of Molly and his daughter, and the only person who can give him answers is Erica, CEO of Renautas and Taylor’s mother. Quentin is also anxious to confront Erica to find out what happened to his sister. How do they plan to reach her? Use Taylor as bait! Because why not exploit family issues for the greater good?

Noah, Quentin, and Taylor end up cornering Erica, but her assistant, the multiplying Harris, comes to her rescue. Before anything else can happen, Miko and Ren show up to retrieve Miko’s father’s sword. Finally we have some crossover between storylines! Ugh, but then it almost gets ruined when we find out that Miko is planning to go back into the video game world again to save her father. Didn’t we establish in the first episode that the video game shtick is super lame? Did enough people enjoy it to make the writers of Heroes Reborn go like “Let’s throw Miko back into the game!”


Oh, speaking of which, I want to change my earlier prediction about Hiro Nakamura being Miko’s father. Although I do think that Hiro’s child is somewhere in this show, I think it may actually be someone else…

Tommy the teleporter discovers that he’s adopted. Big surprise (sarcasm). Okay, it’s kinda surprising, but if you look back at the earlier episodes, is it really that shocking? His mother isn’t an EVO and they don’t even share the same blood type. I figured something must have been up between them. If the show had been longer, and if we were more familiar with Tommy than just five episodes, then the big adoption reveal would’ve been more enjoyable. Right now, it’s just “meh”.

Anywho, Tommy gets all angsty because his mother kept the adoption a secret from him. She says she did it because she didn’t want him to go looking for his dad. To help Tommy’s mom with the explanation, the creepy penny bowtie dude comes back! No, he’s not Tommy’s dad (thank God), but he reveals that he’s been following Tommy because he’s destined to save the world.

So there are two clues right there that indicate that Tommy MIGHT be Hiro’s son. They share somewhat similar abilities AND they were both meant to save the world. I think there’s a slight chance that this hypothesis could turn out to be true, but then again, I’ve been known to make poor predictions about this stuff.

What I HATED about this situation, though, is how bratty Tommy became. He’s all pissy about the adoption being kept hidden from him, and he’s refusing to save the world because of it. Come on. Don’t let the entire human race be wiped out because of a personal issue with Mom.

And yes, we learn that the the world is indeed on the brink of being destroyed, thanks to a few scenes between Erica and a weird scientist named Richard. It appears that the Earth’s magnetic poles will reverse within a week, meaning that a solar radiation flare could potentially wipe out a majority of the population. Earlier in the episode, we also see that Renautas has an extensive seed bank that it might be using to repopulate the Earth after a cataclysmic event. So I guess the apocalypse really is coming, huh?

Despite this impending end of the world, I still don’t care what happens to most of our protagonists. The show is making me dislike almost everyone except on rare occasions. In this episode, the only person whose performance and characterization I was truly impressed with was Luke. Watching his breakdown in his old family home as he reminisces about his late son was pretty depressing. It makes you feel bad for the guy, even if he was responsible for killing innocent EVOs in the past.

I also loved the brief scene with El Vengador using his new mechanical armor. Give us more vigilantism!

Other than that, the episode was a drag. I’m constantly yawning throughout the show, only occasionally finding myself truly entertained. Heroes Reborn has some work to do if it wants to keep me interested until the finale.

Final Grade: C

+ El Vengador makes a brief but satisfying appearance.

+ Tommy learning that he was adopted was a small surprise (but pretty predictable when you think about it).

+ Luke gave the most convincing performance this episode, which is saying a lot since he probably spoke the least.

– Tommy is turning into a brat; yeah, it’s shocking that your mom never told you that you were adopted, but are you really going to let the world get destroyed over this?

– I hardly cared for anyone in this episode except for Luke.

– Do we really need to see Miko going back into the video game?

Extra Thoughts:

– What if Hiro Nakamura is actually the father of Tommy instead of Miko?

How did you feel about the latest episode of Heroes Reborn? Do you think we should throw some of the writers in “The Lion’s Den”? Sound off in the comments or on Twitter!

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