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REVIEW: Heroes Reborn 1×06 “Game Over”

Once again, I’m feeling pretty lukewarm about Heroes Reborn. There was stuff I liked, stuff I didn’t like, and stuff I absolutely hated on tonight’s episode, “Game Over”. The big redeeming quality of the entire hour was the return of a certain character who I’ve been waiting for ever since the series premiere. It’s a shame that this character was only around for about ten minutes, but it looks like he will be a major part of the next episode and hopefully the rest of the season. (spoilers ahead!)

Most of this episode was dominated by Miko’s adventures in the video game world. I’ve already expressed my distaste with this aspect of the show, and tonight’s episode hasn’t changed my stance one bit. The video game segment is not only full of cheap-looking, cartoony graphics, but it’s also very out-of-the-ordinary for the Heroes-verse. In “Game Over”, we get an explanation as to the importance of Miko’s video-game-jumping ability, but it’s still not enough to cover up the cheesiness of the concept.

Noah and Quentin head into the bowels of Renautas with Harris Prime as their hostage. They eventually encounter Miko, who explains her mission to rescue her father, the Master of Time and Space. Harris Prime gets away and calls for reinforcements. In the interim, Noah, Quentin, and Miko discover that Erica and Renautas are sending supplies into the future in order to protect humanity somehow (it most likely has to do with the solar storm that was hinted at in the previous episode). How exactly is Renautas sending stuff into the future? By harnessing the power of the Master of Time and Space, who they’ve locked in the video game world.

We all know who the Master of Time and Space is, right? I’m tired of avoiding the spoilers. If you’re reading this review but you haven’t seen the episode yet, then I can’t protect you anymore.

It’s Hiro. Hiro Nakamura is the Master of Time and Space. And we finally, FINALLY get to see him return! It’s about damn time!

However, even if we’re graced with the return of Hiro, we had to trade him for another character I’ve come to appreciate: Quentin. One of the reinforcements that Harris Prime called was Phoebe, Quentin’s sister and the controller of shadows, who may or may not have caused the events of June 13th. She uses her shadow powers to fatally injure Quentin, informing him that what Erica and Renautas are doing will help the world. I’m super upset that Quentin had to die, especially at the hands of his own sister, but we could see him return since Noah and Hiro have decided to go back into the past to “fix” everything that came about from June 13th. Butterfly effect incoming.


I’ve been going on about how El Vengador is one of my favorite parts of the show, and I’m a little upset that we didn’t get to see him this episode. Instead, we’re treated to his civilian identity, Carlos, who is perhaps the biggest idiot on the show. Carlos has Captain Dearing as his hostage and orders him to lead them to where a bunch of Evos are being held captive. They get to the building, and Dearing offers a vial of this strange liquid to Carlos, saying that it will give his blood a false-positive result for the Evo gene, thus allowing him to enter. Want to guess what happens next? If you have someone held hostage and he tells you that he has a special concoction to help you, then it it must be a good idea to take it, right? What could possibly happen?

Something involving you coughing up blood and passing out.

Seriously, why the hell would Carlos trust Dearing? This guy expects to be a vigilante who wants to fight crime in LA but he can’t use common sense? But maybe this could be a good thing. What if that weird poison possibly triggers some dormant Evo power in Carlos?

Last week, I admitted I was annoyed by Tommy’s angst and whiny teenager persona. This episode, he’s gotten better, but he’s still pulling stuff that seems unnecessary and just plain dumb. He teleports himself and Emily to Paris and they decide to head up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. There is a security checkpoint that scans for Evos before anyone can enter. Emily says they should just leave, but Tommy claims it’s fine. Of course it isn’t fine, and the security officers pull their guns on the kids, all because Tommy was stubborn. My question: if Tommy can teleport them virtually anywhere in the world, why couldn’t he just teleport them to the top of the Eiffel Tower’s viewing platform? I get that he wanted to prove that Evos aren’t so dangerous and that they shouldn’t be discriminated against, but he didn’t have to cause this huge situation. Just teleport up there, take a gander at Paris, and then teleport away.

Overall, the episode was average solely because Hiro is back and because Noah Bennet was a badass. Other than that, I was getting frustrated with characters’ decisions and stupidity. Maybe Hiro’s mission to the past will include him trying to “undo” some of the stupid choices characters have been making.

Final Grade: C +

+ Hiro is finally back!

+ Noah Bennet was a boss this episode.

+ I’m very interested to see how exactly Noah and Hiro are going to change things in the past.

– The video game stuff is still cheesy; I get that it’s crucial to the plot (especially regarding Hiro’s role), but if that’s the case, then why not put more effort into NOT making it so damn corny?

– Carlos is an idiot for drinking that stuff in the vial.

– How hard was it for Tommy to teleport himself and Emily to the top of the Eiffel Tower instead of going through that whole thing with security?

Extra Thoughts:

– Well, I guess I was wrong about my prediction that Hiro is actually Tommy’s father.

Were you as excited as I was to see Hiro finally return? What do you think will happen in the past? Tell us your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter!

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